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Every review of XPickUp should begin with a positive note of the general impression. This dating service leaves a mark on everyone’s experience with its unique design. It is a perfect combination of decent and adult content. You will not be overloaded with too many naked photos. The dating platform offers a hidden surprise for everyone.



  • Recent updates of members
  • Great profiles
  • Dating advice
  • Simple design


  • Possible fraud
  • Expensive At A Glance

  • Main office: Cyprus
  • Age: 18+
  • Country: Any

What Is XPickUp?

Due to XPickUp reviews, it is a dating platform that is diverse in its intentions. It welcomes everyone whatever purpose they have. The good point is in how free members feel to communicate. You will hardly spend 5 minutes on the website and receive already a dozen of messages from the others. Here, everyone forgets about pride and arrogance. It does not matter who you are, everyone can make the first step toward happiness.

Xpickup site

How Does XPickUp Work?

This dating website counts on XPickUp dating site reviews to attract more and more users. It works already a lot. Then, they do their best to keep the customer’s constant clients.

All the messages are displayed in the pop-up window for members to be in the course of matters. This online service has an updates page. You may track everyone’s activity on the service. Whatever photo they uploaded or text they posted, you keep an eye on that. This helps you to see who is active and run into your perfect match. The home page shows you online and the latest profiles.

The upper line has 4 more links to pages:

  • Search
  • Live Cams
  • Sexy Games
  • Help

When a home page does not bring you closer to the target, you may use the search to find the partner. Live Cams tab carries you to the world of live communication. Sexy games are for those who can please themselves. Here, you may watch some adult movies. Help offers support to everyone who asks for it.

Sign Up / Registration

Before registration, one always had doubts “is XPickUp good?” There is no better way to decipher it than with your own eyes. The signup process itself is the simplest one can do in their life.

You are only to indicate an email address and password. The first thing is checked in detail. If there is no such address existing, your registration will not go further.

Search & Profile Quality does not need a search page a lot. Each user gets convinced the moment they register. You are in the center of attention and lots of messages are received immediately. Thus, searching is not advance here. You may filter by:

  • Location
  • Age range
  • Online
  • With Photo

Profiles are very laconic and concise. It does not take much time for everyone to scrutinize them. You may upload several photos. Your account can display 9 photos at the same time. To make it look great, it is good to have this number of pictures. Your personal information is a short run-through of your biography. It is up to you what to write in this mini-essay. Below this data, users are to indicate desired features in their partner.

The better you adorn your profile, the more odds you have to meet your love as soon as possible.


Is XPickUp safe? The dating service complies with all the regulations. Your rights are enshrined in the law and rules of the platform itself. The system protects the data leak and does not make your information disclosed.

Whatever can be under control of the dating service is managed by its staff. Every day’s check of profiles, encryption, fraud tracks contributes to reducing the cases of scamming.

Help & Support

With XPickUp login, many questions may cross your mind. The Help page on the upper line of the site’s design is aimed at answering them. There, you may see 22 topics already explained by the contact center. They were picked up and summarized on the basis of what members frequently ask.

If you are not okay with what you have been read, you are to submit a ticket. It will be replied as soon as possible. This tab, however, does not mention an email address  [email protected] It does not process all the questions, so you are to grasp what you want and choose the right method.

Prices & Plans

XPickUp dating site indicates the benefits of being a Premium user:

  • Ability to chat
  • Include your contact data in messages
  • Priority rank
  • Free adult films
  • Unlimited views of profiles
  • Priority support

Your free version will not help you succeed in finding a good girl for whatever you want. This platform gives you three options to choose from. You may bet that 1 month will be enough and pay 29,95 Euros. If you want to pay less per month, you are to pitch upon either 3 or 6-month Membership. The price per month is the cheapest with the latter. You are to pay only 16,66 Euros to have half a year of browsing.

Xpickup dating site


This review has revealed the truth about XPickUp. The online dating platform is a great choice if you have not decided what relationships you are in favor of. This platform is good for people who have already failed to hope for happiness. The website will become a great surprise for everyone.


Is XPickUp Legit?

This dating website has all the certifications to prove this. It makes all the confirmation a complicated process to be more legit. Whatever step you make on the online service is regulated by the Policy. It is being continually updated.

What Can I Do With Spam?

Unfortunately, the legal department of the website does not cope with blocking all the members who are potential frauds. That is why there is still a number of them on the platform. In case you happen to come across any, you can block them. When you visit a profile, there is a “report” option in the upper right corner of the page. This case will be for sure processed by the security team.

Can I Change My Username, Age, And Location?

You can alter any information you indicated before. To do so, you are to click on “edit profile”.

A user can update everything they find on this page. It is mandatory to press the button “save”. Otherwise, whatever you filled in will not be saved.

How Can I Pay For My Membership?

As of now, does not offer a great range of methods to opt for one. You may do it only via MasterCard or Visa. The dating service and its legal department will not disclose your card credentials to anyone. On the FAQ page, you can find a link to sign up for Paysafecard in case you do not have any.

What If I Forgot My Password Or Username?

In most cases, your login credentials are remembered by the website. However, if you do not remember something, you can recover them. You will receive an email with a direct link to the page where you can change your password. The username will be indicated in the message.

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