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Even though older women may want to have to hook up with young, energetic men, it may be frowned upon by the communities. Hookup sites for cougar women will make it easier for one to meet the type of person they are looking for. Gay cougars are usually not left behind when it comes to hooking up matters, so don’t feel left on if you are one. There are cougar dating apps for everyone.

Rules to Know When Dating Cougar

Some of the rules that you should observe when dating a cougar are:

Don’t Talk About the Age Difference

Bringing up age issues can cause tension between the two of you. She knows that she is older, so there is no need to remind her about it. It would be best if you also were sensitive to her feelings when the two of you are out together. In case you see or meet hotter and younger ladies, avoid ogling at them like you wish you were with them. If you do that, then you will make them feel insecure.

Be Sexually Active

Most cougars are usually financially stable, so the number one reason they want a younger man is to fulfill their sexual desires. She needs the energy that young blood can give. You need to ensure that you keep her satisfied. It is vital to come up with exciting styles when making love. Let her fantasies come true with you.

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Avoid Being Needy

 The truth is that a high percentage of men will date a cougar so that they can help you financially. It would help if you didn’t go overboard. They may gift you expensive items any time they feel you deserve it. She may even help out when a serious issue arises, but it doesn’t mean that you should take them as your atm. 

Take charge

 In Most heterosexual relationships, the man takes charge typically. This shouldn’t stop when dating a cougar. It will make them feel loved and protected. Otherwise, they may feel like they are with their sons who need to be protected and provided for. It would help if you also were a leader when it comes to your career. Be confident about matters without rude.

Free Cougar Dating Websites 

Some of the cougars hookup sites that you can join:


Match.com has a considerable subscription to people. For you to get premium service, you have to pay. Although trying the best cougar dating site will be free. Match has various features that you can enjoy off and on the site. The site has options for people who want to have a lasting relationship or just a fling. Most of the members of this cougar dating app are above the age of 30. A number of them are well educated and have college degrees. This comes in handy when interacting with one another.


This cougar hookup site concentrates on older participants. After feeding your information, the niche dating site strives to connect you to the man or mature woman who will make your dreams come true. An outstanding feature is you can browse the profile from the age range that you want. The site doesn’t overwhelm you with all the people members. The percentage of mature subscribers will make it easy for you to meet the person whom you are dreaming of.

Cougar Life

This is known to be one of the popular dating sites for cougar hookups. The support team behind this dating website does its best so that older women can be given an equal footing in the dating world. They want to stop the critics and frowning upon mature women having relationships with younger men. Signing up on this site is extremely easy. Sign on the site, create a profile that potential users will see, and you are on your way to meeting your dream cougar.


This site is convenient for people who want something more profound than a one night stand or a fling. You can chat, meet and eventually end up marrying a cougar from this site. Signing on the cougar hookup website is quite easy and won’t take too much of your time. If you have ever thought of sailing away with a beautiful cougar in your arms, then you need to sign up today.


This site aims to make every single user meet their exact type of partner. If a cougar wants to be the domineer in the relationship, then they will be matched with a person who doesn’t mind being domineered. AgeMatch strives to cater to everyone’s needs with subtlety. Signing up and creating your profile is very easy and fast.

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This site is free to join and gives you access to their features online. You will be able to chat with potential partners without paying a penny. Messaging, video chats, and calls are some of the features that will make dating for you easy. With the numerous members, it is only a matter of time before you meet with the person you are looking for. If you have an issue or you need advice on how to deal with a cougar, then the open forums will give you the chance to ask those questions. The topics that can be discussed are not limited to dating alone.


The site has members from all the United States. On top of being free to sign up, you will meet beautiful mature women who know what they want in life. The site is open for people who are looking for a thrill, a fling, or a one night stand. You can also meet women who are looking for something stable on a long term basis. Be ready to deal with professional women from this cougar hookup app that means that you may meet lawyers, judges, doctors, CEOs, and even politicians.

It would help if you kept in mind that dating a cougar may have a shelf life. If the romance and thrill die out, then you should let go. Don’t become a nuisance in the other person’s life as long as you both started the relationship on the same note. 

However, that should not frazzle you because your case may be different. If both of you are perfect for each other, then you may end up having a happily ever after. But enjoy every single moment and learn new things.


If you want to join the cougar world, then you should also know how to be confidential. Since some may hold high office and wouldn’t want to air their private lives in public, it is imperative that you respect that. Don’t show public display of affection unless she is confident enough to initiate it. 

Most cougar will have kids. If she has them at home, then don’t behave like one. They are mature and may not look forward to dealing with childish behavior. If you follow these cougar dating tips, you will meet them in the best cougar hookup sites who will enjoy having a great experience with you.

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