Fenella Kirsty

Education: MS in Sexology

Expertise: Sex education, relationships, dating 

Fenella Kirsty can look back on eight years of professional experience as a trained social pedagogue, consultant, and yoga teacher. With a lot of heart and soul, she supports clients in overcoming speechlessness and shame, affirming their expressing needs, and accompanying them on the way to breaking taboos. She is an open-minded person whose heart is full of kindness and desire to help others. 


For the last six years, Fenella has worked with adolescents, adults, people with disabilities, and specialists in sex education and advice. Dealing with this topic inspires him anew. When she works with people – regardless of their age – sexuality and how to deal with it is often a sensitive issue. Success in life depends on the person’s efforts, and Fenella enjoys sharing her knowledge and skills. No wonder she writes articles and blog posts on numerous topics, from dating to marriage. 


The first Fenella’s education was psychology. While studying sex therapy and sex education, Greg improved his professional level and acquired additional skills as a sexologist. Her professional knowledge combined with practical experience helps him successfully solve the sexual problems of her patients. She wants to pass on this rich experience gained in communication with her patients to help clients realize their sexual desires.


She and her husband attend all exciting movie premieres, watch films of cult directors at home. It doesn’t take too much time, and they devote their weekends to this hobby. Movies can not only entertain; they can inspire, let her discover something new, evoke feelings that she may never experience in ordinary life. In the conditions of limited free time, she believes it is essential to concentrate on hobbies and do something for the soul.