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13 Bisexual Hookup Dating Sites

Many people still perceive bisexual hookup sites as scams. There are also many safe ones to make your hookup meetings secure. The growth in the number of members exploded thanks to the high quality of services. Hookup dating apps also have the distinction of being a mix of simplicity, comfort, and security.

Best Bisexual Dating Apps
1 PremiumGayDating logo PremiumGayDating
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2 AdultFriendFinder logo AdultFriendFinder
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3 JerkMate (Gay) logo JerkMate (Gay)
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4 Ashley Madison logo Ashley Madison
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5 GaysGoDating logo GaysGoDating
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To make meetings quickly, you just have to register on one of them and thus start to chat with other daters. Upload your best profile photo, but this step is optional. No more spending hours preparing, wasting your time, money, or finding yourself in embarrassing situations.

The Popularity Of Bisexual Hookup Sites

In today’s society, bisexual hookup is getting more and more popular. As usual, men love women, and women like men. Many singles, however, have other preferences and do not want to have “normal” relationships. They discover something new and try “forbidden” things.

What Is Bisexuality?

Before you choose the best bi hookup site, you must know what bisexuality is. Bisexuality is a sentimental and physical attraction when a person is attracted to both men and women. Some may be more attracted to men, others to women. 

“Bisexuality is oft en the subject of many prejudices. For some, it doesn’t even exist. Nevertheless, it can often be met. If you consider yourself bisexual, you should know that the best way to meet like-minded people is to use bi sexual dating sites.”

Top bisexual websites make it easier to find bi men near me, as well as try diverse bisexual chat rooms. 

For some, bisexuality has never been a phase; it simply corresponds to what they are deep within themselves.

Bisexual Hookup Sites

How to Go Out With a Bisexual Person

So, you know the best bi curious dating sites, have found local bisexual women (or men), and want to go out. It can be rather intimidating to go out with a bisexual person. Is the person constantly looking for everyone? Is it possible that your partner will leave you after sex? Well, it depends on the person, so you should choose partners carefully. Going out with a bisexual person is very similar to going out with a Catholic, a race car driver, or a brunette girl. They are ordinary people.

Be Aware That Many Bisexuals Do Not Prefer One Gender Over the Other

When you embark on a serious relationship with a bisexual, be prepared to accept the attraction he might feel for a person of the opposite gender, in the same way, that homosexuals and heterosexuals are attracted to other people. Remember that if this person has chosen to be in contact with you, it is because you attract him as an individual.

Even though bisexuals are attracted to people of both genders, this does not mean that they are attracted to everyone. They also have limits and preferences, like everyone else. Similarly, do not ask your partner if he prefers to have sex with men or women. If you are in a relationship, you must understand that what he prefers is you. Also, indicate what you are looking for when using the best dating sites for bisexual women. 

Respect the Bisexuality of the Person With Whom You Are in a Relationship

You must understand and respect bisexuality. Most bisexuals consider themselves as such forever regardless of the person they are in a relationship with. It is important not to tell them that they are heterosexual if they are in a relationship with a person of the opposite sex or that they are homosexual if they are in a relationship with a person of the same sex.

Understand It Is Not Homosexuality

“Until a few years ago, homosexuality was completely rejected. This has led many homosexuals to say that they are bisexual, and people have begun to take bisexuality as a form of homosexuality. But it’s not the truth.”

Of course, some people could move from heterosexuality to homosexuality in this way, gradually realizing that they are actually homosexual. But others are aware of what they are and know that they are bisexual without a shadow of a doubt.

Stop Thinking That These People Are Ill-Mannered

The gay community (and bisexuals at the same time) has a bad reputation for being sexually very active. It’s true; there are many homosexuals and bisexuals who collect the adventures. But there are also many heterosexuals who do the same thing. This is why libido is more related to each individual’s character rather than his sexual orientation.

When being gay became socially acceptable (at least better accepted than before), many people who hid before went from one extreme to another and made up for lost time. But bisexual and homosexual people are still ordinary, so one cannot say they are ill-mannered due to their sexual preferences.

Bisexual Hookups

Bisexual Hookups

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Occupation Designer
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Nowadays, lots of great hookup meeting places appear. There are some very tolerant places, gay friendly or lesbian-friendly. It can be parties, meetings in cafes or bars. But all of these possibilities are available in urban areas and make it necessary to rely on chance. However, not everyone lives in town, has lots of free time, and is ready to go out. All mature singles want to save time and limit the risks of failure. Social networks, forums, hookup apps have become practical alternatives to try bisexual hookups.

How To Choose Bisexual Hookup Apps?

The increasing popularity of meeting and dating online explains the explosion of bisexual hookup apps on the net (hetero, homo). It has become an essential complementary tool to find bisexual couples or singles. Which services to choose?

couple in bed

Tips For Bisexual Hookup Online

When choosing a bisexual hookup app or site, take a look at its options. Some of the many effective ones are:

  • Chats

They allow you to select a contact to organize a live, private, and group dialogue.

  • Forums

Forums propose to select a group of bisexual interlocutors gathered around a public debate or dialog.

  • Search options

Some bisexual hookup apps offer a search tool free of charge. It allows users to feel how useful and convenient the service is.

You get more results and more chances to find a match when using specific hookup apps. General services are full of international daters. “Straight generalist” hookup apps and sites have opened up in recent years to homosexuality and bisexuality. Singles have various tastes and preferences. Hookup apps (e.g., bisexual chats, cougar dating) offer diverse and precise means to facilitate contacts, without necessarily being expensive. They create a convenient bisexual playground.

Benefits of Using Bisexual Hookup Sites

The best bisexual dating sites offer many benefits to their clients. Each application presented in this review has a unique algorithm that decides who may be of interest to the user and who should be excluded from the list. This way, you can be quite sure that the only people you can meet are the people who will be interested in you. This results in the highest chances of meeting bisexual women.

In addition, every bisexual dating site is available for both Android and iOS users. After registering in the application, you will discover many unique and effective features. For many single people, this is a great way to meet new people and have a fun weekend. The only condition is that you must be ready to take the first step to attract a person. Therefore, you need to look into the “My matches” section to determine which person you should contact. You can then like their photos or add a note if you want to give them your opinion.

Each bi hookup site has several ways to make the first contact with a person. When a person is offline, you will need to wait for them to connect to the network. When this happens, you can simply write a few words and let the other person answer, and then you can exchange phone numbers and continue talking on the phone or through messaging. You can choose whether to share your photos, your mood, or your status to attract bisexual people. Then in this way you can show interest in what interests you. Here you can find the most useful matchmaker apps.

How to Join Bisexual Hookup Sites?

The best dating apps let you join for free and meet people on your own terms. You can upload a profile photo and write a short description of yourself. You can choose which dating site is most important to you by ranking them by category or by clicking the star icon to rate your favorite dating apps. You can then click to see your matches and match options. If you don’t want to share your profile, that’s fine because you can still check for potential matches and see what’s going on in their news feed and send them a message if you want. You can send messages directly to matches in your hit list.

If you have downloaded an app that allows you to date bisexuals, there are some steps you need to take before dating them in person. For example, a person can see you and you can leave a comment, but only when the person is online. All useful connectivity apps have a variety of options, depending on where you are. You can search for people to meet bisexuals, chat with them, etc. There are options to send a message, a short video, or use a voice call. For those who like to play a little, there are games that match you with someone you know or a matchmaker who will find you a match. All of these apps have their own way of matching and helping you to meet bisexual women, and the best part about them is that they all cost a couple of dollars.

Helpful Statistics For Successful One-Night Stand

? Age18-60
? CommunicationQuick & Easy
??‍? Users online>9000
? Best offerJerkMate

International Bisexual Dating Apps

Are you dreaming of a mature bisexual woman with whom you can be happy? Do you want to enjoy life with your bisexual partner and experience the love you have wanted so long? There is a perfect solution: Getting to know local bisexuals online is the modern way of finding a partner.

  • Her
  • Bumble
  • FEM
  • Tinder
  • OkCupid
  • Badoo


This top best sex site is a great place to make local bisexuals and have the experiences you’ve always dreamed of. It is one of the best sex sites. Her is one of the popular bisexual hookup apps aimed at LGBT women, created by LGBTQ women. Unlike most sites, it has a good community database, and it’s completely free. You should log in using your social network account to become a registered member of HER. Like other apps, you can upload images and provide information about yourself and your biography. Take advantage of LGBTQ meetings, parties, and festivals near you, published and organized by the community of the bisexual hookup app HER. Bi curious chat rooms, bi curious hookups – this platform makes it possible to meet bisexual men, look for bi sex near me, and more. All in all, It is a nice option for those looking for free bi sites.

her main page


Bumble is one of the many convenient apps aimed at dating a bisexual. This bi curious hookup app is designed not only with people of the same sex in mind. There are options like “Interest” that can make the app more specific while getting to know bisexual singles. The Match function offers you the compatible daters the search engines consider matching to you. It is one of the best bi curious apps on the market now.

Bumble app


Bi hookup sites are numeros, and FEM is indeed one of the best options for those interested in bi hookups. It helps people find bi sexual hookups, bisexual near me, and offers free bisexual chat rooms.
FEM is a free video dating app for bisexual women. It’s a great app to make new friends, chat, meet singles, communicating in chat rooms, dates, and more. You can browse videos of lesbian nearby and around the world. There is an innovative option available to create a group chat. Send messages in the form of texts, videos, and audios. This bi sexual hookup app is relatively new on the market but has scored very well on the Google Play Store. It is one of the best options among bi-curious dating sites. This bi women website has mostly positive reviews.

FEM main page


The above apps were alternatives to Tinder, but it would have been a shame not to feature Tinder on the list. This bi-sexual dating app is widespread, and it’s evident that this is one of bisexual apps for android that is worth mentioning. Initially, Tinder was a remarkable place aimed at “straight people.” But, with the increase in their popularity and a vast user base, Tinder has also become a great bisexual dating app. You swipe to the right (to show interest) and swipe to the left (if you’re not interested). All in all, if you are looking for bisexuals near me, this app can be called a nice bisexual men chat where you can find decent matches. It is one of the best options among bisexual sites.

Tinder app


OkCupid is another excellent app to find local bisexuals. There is bisexual live chat, nice profiles, and decent user pool. This application is trendy because the robust algorithm makes the application very intuitive. The bi sexual near me app offers a lot of customization options. It suggests 12 sexual orientations and more than 20 style markers to choose from. Depending on your origin, age, appearance, and desires, OkCupid wants to know everything about you. OkCupid asks you a set of questions to see the percentage of the match with a person. OkCupid offers you the possibility to find people based on ethnicity, location, age, height, religion, smoking, alcohol, drug use, etc. Thus, it is pretty easy to find bisexual hookups near me with the help of this bisexual website.

OkCupid main page


Badoo is one of the many popular bisexual dating apps to find local matches. It is one of the best free bisexual hookup sites. Popular among gay and bisexual men, the bisexual video chat helps these men meet other partners in their area for sexual encounters and hot hookups. It is a free gay hookup app. Topless photos where you only see the torso and not the guy’s face means just sex, no future.

Badoo app is a popular hookup site to meet local bisexuals. The site provides you with high functionality and modern design. Profiles have enough information to get closer to the person. Having individual wishes, use the search tool. It is useful when seeking people who live in your area. Fill in your information as precisely as possible. Whether it means singles living in your city, bisexuals over the age of 30, or do whatever, meeting like-minded bisexual singles is easy and fast. lesbian

Bisexual Playground With Particular Hookup Sites

Whether you are a single man or woman, husband or wife, fetishist, swinger, heterosexual, homosexual, there are specialized sites to meet your desires. Everything is possible, and everyone can find happiness to get an extraordinary experience. Many hookup apps are diverse and varied if you are seeking pleasure, offering you a range of high-quality services. Dating sites via chat, webcam, forums meeting, anonymous messaging facilitates contact.

  • Grindr
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • BiCupid
  • Bimeet
  • BisexualPlayground
  • BisexualFish
  • Grindr

One of the many popular dating apps in the gay, bisexual, and bi-curious world is Grindr. It is better known as the dating app because most gays use it to have a good night out. The Grindr registration process is super quick and straightforward. The app will ask you to provide necessary information like your username, email address, and age (which keeps users over 18 years old). The application then asks you to specify your preferences such as age, location, and orientation. Next, create a short “about me” section that will serve as a way to hook your users. You are welcome to view profile photos of daters, as the app is very visual (be sure to follow Grindr’s photo guidelines). Grindr’s offers matches, taking into account geographic targeting. Its interface allows users to see when other users are online and how far away they are.

Grindr - Gay chat app


The hookup dating site Adult Friend Finder has a desktop version and an app. The functions and features of the home page are easy to find. All the details (such as profiles, help sections, event pages, life stories) have been well thought out. None of your questions will remain without an answer. For some, the layout could be overwhelming because it is quite complicated. However, after a while, you will get used to it and be able to navigate freely. Finding bisexual dating near me is really easy with this platform.


If your life is too busy to immerse in the tedious complexities of a long-term relationship, or if you are just seeking fun, you need a quick and safe way to find a quick adventure. BiCupid is an app to meet young and mature bisexual women. It is an easy way to find bisexual women near me.

It’s an essential dating app to find an occasional or sexual encounter. All the features focus on the adult nature of the site, in particular:

  • A powerful search function matches age, gender, location, photo availability, new members, and the person’s interests (ebony bisexual hookups or fetishes).
  • Naughty and sexy photos and video chat allow some sexual contacts.
BiCupid main page


Bimeet is a bisexual hookup app where swingers and local bisexuals meet. There is no cost to register or browse profiles. The app is specific to lesbian and gay dating. It is one of the many convenient naughty communities which offers many features to its members. Instead of beating around the bush, Bimeet goes straight to the point. The service encourages you to become aware of your sexual desires and to materialize them healthily and positively. When you make your profile detailed, indicate your preferences.


BisexualPlayground is the essential bisexual hookup site with the possibility of using it as a mobile version. Created exclusively to enjoy bisexual dating, BisexualPlayground shows users in your neighborhood who are ready to meet. Customize your profile and describe what you want to simplify the process of finding your mate for the night (or longer). Don’t be amazed by the nude profile pictures. It’s all part of the fun. The majority of BisexualPlayground members only want quick sex. This site is a very convenient and useful dating app. If you are seeking a bisexual couple or single daters, try free registration to check all the options.

BisexualPlayground main page


BisexualFish is one of the best local adult sites that has a mobile version making your dating possible on the go. The bisexual hookup site offers you the possibility of meeting people of the same sex. It is the perfect service to do what you want with another LGBT person. It allows you to organize meetings and even include the role you have in bed in the description. Did you want to find local bisexuals easy? The site is worth your attention.

BisexualFish main page

Date Without Limits With Bisexual Hookup Apps

All bisexual hookup apps allow you to flourish and get exciting next-day encounters. The success of online dating has exploded in recent years. Many women and men admit to using these services to find a match and a hookup partner. Hookup dating apps bring together millions of members worldwide. The Internet is an extraordinary tool to chat and meet like-minded people.

If you prefer naughty dating (or swingers) more than a serious relationship, a great way to find bisexual hookup partners is dating apps. These platforms provide all users with detailed and good-looking profiles with a clear goal: to find a hookup affair. Thanks to their different tools, these hookup apps allow each of their members to contact profiles they enjoy. And very often, virtual dating turns into real encounters. Here, the majority of people get straight to the point: they know what they want.

Relationships: Confused by Bisexuality

To Sum up

Each partner should know what to expect and not fool the other during bisexual hookup dating. The expectations should be the same. So do not be cold in your messages and be clear in your intentions. Once you find a sexual partner, you are welcome to organize the first meeting. Today, the offer in terms of hookup apps is wide. It is challenging to choose a great platform. To help you make your choice, take a look at our list of best bisexual dating apps and sites.


How To Use A Bisexual Hookup Website?

To start benefiting from amazing options offered by dating services, create an account. It usually takes a few moments. Then add your awesome pictures so other people notice you. Then use the search, matchmaking, or all other amazing functions to meet a sex partner online.

What Benefits Do I Get From Using Bisexual Websites?

When you create an account on a bisexual hookup website, you clearly state your sexual identity. Moreover, you get matched with people who share the same sexual identity. Meaning, you easily get sex partners without the need to ask about their sexual orientation. It saves time and effort.

Can I Get A Refund If I Don't Want To Use A Hookup App For Bisexuals?

No, most websites have a policy about no refund. so consider purchasing short-term subscriptions at first. If you like the network and want to use it, then you may purchase a long-term package to get all the discounts.

Are There Free Of Charge Alternatives To Bisexual Hookup Websites?

Yes, some bisexual hookup services are free of charge. If you want to save money, you may even use Tinder, it is enjoyed by people of all sexual orientations. Most services are paid, but they offer awesome options.

How To Choose A Good Quality Bisexual Hookup Platform?

To make sure you enjoy the service, keep an eye on reviews. Consider the ranking of the app. Create an account and check out whether the service is used by locals, otherwise, it will be difficult to get laid.

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