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Many people think that having a heartbreak is the end of the world. Therefore what they do is lock themselves in their rooms and cry themselves out. But is that the way to go? By doing locking yourself in your room and cry will only bring more harm than good. What you should do is to come out of that cocoon and find what works for you best. You may find that long-term relationships are not your thing, and maybe casual relationships are the thing for you. Other people claim that they do not have time to commit themselves to anyone because of their demanding jobs. That is not enough reason to neglect your social life. You can choose to have casual hookups instead that will not need much of your commitment.

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If you want to have sexual adventures and take your sex life to another level, try mature dating sites. You will find many hookup sites that will ensure you get your sexual satisfaction. Many people have praised AdultFriendFinder dating site when it comes to casual sex sites. There is no better way to satisfy your fetish sex than using It provides superb services to its users and at an affordable price. Moreover, it creates a safe environment for you to focus on having new exciting sexual adventures. The following review of AdultFriendFinder will make you use the site without any hesitation.

Pros And Cons


  • Price-performance -9.5
  • Partner suggestion – 10
  • Ease of use – 10
  • Services – 9.0
  •  Free features -9.0
  • Safety – 9.5


  • The site provides users with sex academy courses. It is to help users have vast knowledge about sex and know how to conduct themselves on the site.
  • It allows you to earn through broadcasting.


  • There is a limitation to free members on the number of features they can use.

Adultfirendfinder.Com At A Glance

  • Best for: those people who are looking for casual hookups to have casual sex. However, you can also use AdultFriendFinder to find a long-term relationship. But it is rare to find people looking for such relationships.
  • The number of members: the site has a vast amount of users using the site. Moreover, it does not focus on one area but on different parts of the world.
  • Recommended age: the required age for using the site is eighteen years and above. The site does not restrict anyone above the age needed from joining the website.
  • Favorite features: there are many features that users use, but the most common ones are live cam, chat rooms, and sex academy.

What Is AdultFriendFinder.Com?

The site is known to be one of the largest adult dating sites that have millions of users. It has been present for many years now. The site provides users with many contacting and matching features to help them find suitable sex partners. The site is open to all types of relationships you may want. You can find fuck buddies, polygamy, monogamy, couples and many more. However, the site’s primary focus lies in getting you casual sex. The site has diverse, sexually active members who are looking for casual sex at any time. The site accommodates different types of people. You will find couples, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, etc. on the site. Most of the members share sexual content through videos, photos, blogs, and lives stream. It also provides members with a sex academy where you will learn all you need to know about adult sex.

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How Does AdultFriendFinder Work?

The design of the site is almost similar to the other adult dating sites. However, what is different, it is the content that the site has. The website is diverse and informative than any other hookup site. The site has arranged everything perfectly for them to be easily accessible. Whatever you may need, you will find it with ease. To use the site, you will have to register. You cannot see what is on the site without signing up. The registration process is easy and fast. Once you finish the process, the site will request you to create your profile. You should invest your time and effort to ensure you create an attractive profile. The site will then use its superb searching engines and provide you with your perfect match. Once you find your perfect matches, you can no go straight to contacting them.

The site has a long list of communication features that you can use. You can use adult chat rooms, magazines, groups, live streams, and many others. It also offers different platforms for sexual expression. The site has a lot of nudity and adult videos that you can keep yourself busy watching them. The truth about AdultFriendFinder is that it is doing all it can to ensure that it is scam-free. When you compare the site with other dating platforms, AdultFriendFinder is the most suitable when it comes to pricing. It provides users with affordable prices yet providing them with excellent services.

Sign Up/Registration

As you all know, you cannot use the site or see its content without registering first. Therefore the sign-up process is a mandatory task. The good news is that the simple design of the AdultFriendFinder has made the registration process a simple task to do. It will not take much of your time before you finish the process. Before signing up, the site will first ask you a few questions. It will ask you of your gender the purpose of you joining the site. It will also ask you of your age as it does not allow minors on the site. Once you answer those questions, the site will provide you with the registration form. You will provide your username, location, a valid email address, and your password.

The site will use the location you give to help you find a partner who is near you. It also requests you to put a robust password for your safety. Before finishing the process, there is something the site does as part of their security measures. It will send you a confirmation link to your email to verify if your email is valid. AdultFriendFinder log in cannot be possible without email verification.

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Search And Profile Quality

There is nothing more satisfying than having a site that has high-quality profiles. It is because high-quality profiles help when it comes to matchmaking. The website makes it compulsory thing to ensure that your profile is of high-quality. You may be wondering what makes a profile to be of high-quality. You should ensure that you upload only the best pictures. The site has given users even to upload videos. You should also ensure that your profile is informative. You should lay down everything of importance, including your kinks, preference sexual fantasies, and many others. Creating your profile is free, but for you to view other members’ profiles, you should be a premium member. It allows couples to share the same profiles. The good thing about the site is that you can change the information on your profile at any time.

The site uses a modern searching algorithm that will ensure you get your perfect match. It uses the information you provide on your profile to find someone compatible with you. It provides users with filters that you may use to see who meets all your requirements.

Safety And Legal

If there is something that the site takes seriously, it is the safety of its users. Firstly you should not worry about the legitimacy of the website. It is because the site ensures that it follows all the dating regulations. web server certificate is the one responsible for ensuring the safety of the user on the site. That means that protection on the website is up to 256-bit secure sockets layer encryption. The site provides that it does regular checks on all profiles to ensure they are all real. It also verifies all payments made to ensure there are cases of fraud. You will never hear of any of your private information with any third-party since the site values privacy of users.

Help And Support

The good thing about the site is that you will not face any difficulties on the site. It is made possible not only because of the straightforward design but also because of the reliable support team. The site ensures that anyone who is part of the support team has all the skills required to assist users. The site also ensures that the support team is operating 24/7. There is no time that you will contact customer service and fail to get a response. It also provides users with various ways of approaching the support team. What makes the site to be outstanding it is the high response rate of the support team.

Cost And Prices

As for all adult dating sites, it is hard to find a website that offers its services for free. Users must pay for the services on almost all websites. The same applies to AdultFriendFinder. Free members can enjoy a few services, but most of the services you must pay for them. The site allows free members to sign up and create their profiles. The site offers users both gold membership and premium membership. The website also gives its users promotions.


Many AdultFriendFinder dating reviews have suggested that the site can make you spend many hours on your screen. It has all the exciting things that one might be looking for on any online dating site. What else might be keeping you from spicing up your sex life?

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Is Adultfirendfinder Legit?

AdultFriendFinder is not a place where you will lose your money for nothing. AdultFriendFinder review ensures that it values your money, thus providing you with real people to talk with on the site. The reason why it has a large number of users worldwide is that it has proved to be a legit dating site. Therefore you should not worry about the legitimacy of the site.

What Are Some Of The Tips For Creating A Good Profile On AdultFriendFinder.Com?

The site encourages its users to always spend time creating their profile and come up with an outstanding profile. It is because an attractive profile will help you get more attraction from other users. Therefore the site provides users with tips to ensure they have an eye-catching profile. You should ensure you upload high-quality photos and have an informative profile.

Is AdultFriendFinder Good?

When it comes to excellent services, delivers. It provides users with a pool of diverse, sexually active members where you will find quality matches with ease. You can also use exciting communication features to have fun flirting and interacting with other users. The good thing is that you will enjoy all these at an affordable price.

What Is The Difference Between Entering As A Guest And Entering As A Member?

One can choose to visit the site either as a guest or as a member. The site works on a membership system to ensure that it keeps data files containing members’ profile information. For those who enter as guests, the site will not have their information. Therefore there is a limitation when it comes to posting and using the free features on the site. However, for those who are members, there are no limitations to using the site.

What Is Auto-Renewal And How Do You Turn It Off?

The auto-renew feature is a feature that renews your subscription automatically when it is nearing the expiry date. However, you can turn it off of you do not want auto-renewal of your paid membership. For you to turn it off, you will first go to the homepage and click on ‘my account.’ You will then click on the ‘billing history and credit card information’ where you will see the product status. You will then click ‘off’ under the product status to turn the auto-renewal off.

Is AdultFriendFinder Safe?

Yes, it is. The site provides an environment that is safe for everyone to use the site.

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