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Top Sugar Daddy Sites: All You Need to Know

Want to find a sugar daddy near you? Or perhaps you are looking for a sugar babe or sugar boy with whom you can share the most beautiful things in life? Then you are just in the right place: we’ll tell you all you need to know about sugar daddy dating and the best sugar daddy sites.

On this page, you will find an overview of the best sugar dating portals and key information that can help you choose from the range of sugar daddy websites, the ideal dating site that will help build ideal sugar daddy relationships.

However, before you create a profile on a sugar daddy site, we would like to ask you to think carefully about whether sugar daddy dating is for you at all. Sugar dating is not about dating in the usual sense of the word but about compensation. There is no doubt that it can be psychologically and mentally very stressful to offer yourself as a sugar baby, especially if you are unaware of the potential consequences. So, let’s have a little bit more detailed look at the sugar daddy relationship.

What Is a Sugar Daddy Dating?

Surely you have heard or read the term sugar daddy relationship. These words have been used many times lately. This is a form of dating in which a mostly older and wealthy person (daddy) takes care of a younger person financially, who in return spends time with him or her, and they may even enjoy sex together.

So a sugar daddy is a mature, experienced person who spoils his partner with gifts, restaurant visits, and vacation trips. In return, he is looking for conversations, time together, and sex. An age difference of 20 years is not uncommon.

Sugar Daddy Dating

Female Sugar Babies: Who Are They?

Therefore, a sugar baby is a young, attractive woman who has a sexual relationship with a mostly older, financially successful man and gets expensive gifts, vacation trips, and “pocket money.”

In the world of sugar babies and sugar daddies, the man is usually the one who has money and status. But there are also some women who let young men move in and, in return, ensure that they lack nothing, and there are also portals for homosexual men looking for a sugar boy.

Tips for Sugar Daddy Dating

Now, we’d like to present you with a few tips for sugar daddy dating. Regardless of which of the sugar sites you choose, they will be useful to you.

Never Be Desperate

First, you should never seem desperate – neither in your profile text nor in communication. Conversely, of course, you should not seem reserved and uninterested. Otherwise, you will never get to know the right person.

So try to be open and sociable without appearing overzealous and too curious.

Be Confident

You are great! Believe us, you are. Self-confidence is hot, no matter whether you are a woman or a man. But remember that there is a big difference between self-confidence and self-centeredness.

You can also easily become too confident so that you seem more self-centered and complacent to other users. It can be charming but can also easily become a turn-off if you exaggerate it.

Be Specific in Your Profile Description

If you are really interested in sugar relationships, you should understand that your profile text is your way to give visitors an impression of who you are. It is important that you are concrete and precise. Far too many tend to write an (uninteresting) profile text full of clichés. Show that you are unique.

Our advice is to show it, not to tell it. If you’re funny, don’t write that you’re humorous. This is uninteresting, boring, and unfunny. Better show that you have a good sense of humor – through irony, puns, creative sentences, and so on. It seems much more convincing if you can also express some special characteristics stylistically.

Hopefully, we helped you write a profile text that will lure the right fish into the net.

Don’t Be Too Picky

We are in favor of giving people a chance. That’s why we don’t think you should be snooty and ignore 95% of the requests and messages sent to you. Better give everyone a chance – even those you are not sure about.

The appearance may be misleading, and we are relatively sure that at some point, a person will seem much more beautiful and attractive to you after getting to know each other. Therefore, don’t be too picky and give everyone a chance when utilizing this or that sugar daddy website.

Choose an Appealing Profile Picture

Your profile picture on a sugar daddy dating site is the bait on the fishing hook. That’s what is supposed to attract the right fish. Therefore, you should not choose a random picture, but be critical and make an effort when choosing your profile picture.

Your pictures should show the best version of you and must not reflect what you look like Sunday morning after dancing on tables all night.

However, we would not recommend you to choose photos where you look more beautiful, sporty, or intellectual than you really are. If you do that, you risk misleading your date and harming the relationship.

It is therefore never recommended to choose an old picture on which you have fewer wrinkles and fewer kilos on the ribs. Rather choose a current picture that highlights your most beautiful features and reflects your personality.

Stay True to Yourself – Set Limits

It’s perfectly okay to set limits – even on the best sugar daddy websites. Define and communicate your limits openly so that you remain true to yourself and do not get into unwanted situations.

Continuously Update Your Profile

Use the possibilities available to you on the best sugar dating sites. You can fill out your dating profile in different ways, but we recommend that you do it as thoroughly as possible. It is your profile – and your profile alone – that determines which and how many requests you will receive. Therefore, present yourself as well as possible.

Write a personal and interesting profile text and add some good pictures of yourself. Inform other users about your physique, what you are looking for and what is important to you in a relationship.

Be Brave

The first meetings with a person you’ve met with the help of sugar dating sites require courage. However, it is important that you get this courage out of yourself if you want to become generally successful in dating.

Only when you meet in the real world, you understand if there is passion between you. Of course, it is quite nice to write to each other, but it only gets really exciting when you see each other.

So, let’s now proceed to what we promised: a review of several reliable sites.

Top Sites

My Gay Sugar Daddy

MyGaySugarDaddy page

My Gay Sugardaddy is the gay version of the My Sugardaddy sugar daddy app and is therefore based on the same principle. Only here will you find young, attractive men who like to be pampered and older, financially independent men who can afford it.

Registration is free of charge and done within a few minutes: Simply enter your email and password as well as your username, birthday, and postcode.

After the email confirmation, the profile can be supplemented with information about appearance, profession, and monthly budget, as well as you can write a profile text and upload a profile picture.

In addition, you can tick your contact wishes, i.e., whether you are interested in a flirt, a one-night stand, erotic contacts, a partnership, or a partner to go out and shop.

A large part of the members is looking for one-night stands, erotic contact, which is not a prerequisite for membership. There are also many members who are open to something longer-term.

You can send kisses to contact us and ask (predefined) questions in order to be able to exchange messages, but you have to activate the contact first. For this, you need so-called credits that can only be purchased.


  • Various contact options.
  • Easy to use.
  • Immediate help with questions or problems.
  • Verified profiles.
  • Well suited for the search for erotic contacts.


  • Paid activation of contacts.

Find Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy

As the name suggests, this is the largest sugar daddy website, a meeting place for people who are looking for a mutually beneficial relationship.

To register, all you need is an email address, a password, and a username, and you’re ready to go.

The profile can be added later, just as you can, and you should upload photos of yourself if you are interested in a date. Profiles with set images are more appealing than profiles that do not have images.

This is the best sugar daddy site that is simple and easy to use. When you log in, you will be redirected directly to the overview page and can then filter your search by income or place of residence, for example, to find the right match.

There are no superfluous flirt or community functions, as we know it from other dating sites, but this is all about establishing beneficial contacts. The members are very open.


  • Free use.
  • Quick and easy registration.
  • Beautifully and clearly designed platform.
  • User-friendly.


  • Few profile design options.
  • Many profiles without set images.
  • No flirting or community functions.


Todayters main page

Todayters is a relatively new platform that is considered one of the best sugar daddy sites. People who want to find sponsors do not pay anything to contact, but a profile picture is mandatory in order to use the message function. Daddies and moms must also sign up for a premium membership in order to contact other members. In addition, Todayters offers a number of innovative features, including a business section where members can sell photos, videos, and other content while earning a little money.

Registration is free and completed within a few minutes – the only data you have to disclose about yourself is your gender, age, place of residence, and your “role.” If Todayters is not the right page for you, you can delete your profile at any time.


  • Quick registration.
  • Active control of bots.
  • Find exciting contacts near you.
  • A growing number of members.
  • The profile picture is mandatory.


  • Currently only available in English.

Seeking Arrangement

SeekingArrangement main page

SeekingArrangement is a portal where people looking for fun are registered to enter into a longer-term arrangement. However, we have tested for you how good the site really is. According to the provider, more than ten million members worldwide are registered and active at SeekingArrangement. The portal is one of the most popular of its kind, not only in the USA but also in the UK, Australia, and Canada; there are many people looking for fun on this site.


  • The platform shows directly what it’s all about.
  • Women use the portal completely free of charge.


  • In German-speaking countries, only a few users use the platform.
  • The prices for premium membership are extremely high here.
  • Only suitable for high earners. People with little money have no chance.

All in all, it is not the best sugar daddy app, but it is definitely worth your attention.


All in all, sugar dating is a nice chance to find a person to have fun with. There is nothing bad about it: you can simply enjoy time together.


Are Sugar Dating Sites Safe?

As with any other online dating platform, you should first be careful with sugar dating. When you meet someone for the first time, you should take a few security measures so as not to risk anything.

Is Sugaring a Waste of Time?

Your time is precious and priceless, but these are experiences just like that. If you want to try a sugar dating site to gain new experiences, then that’s not a waste of time. 

How Long Does Such a Connection Last?

The sugar relationship is not a relationship for life but can last several months or even years. That depends on the arrangement.

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