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Let’s start our review of Secret Benefits with a few words regarding the main features of this super-popular platform and the target audience this site is looking for. Secret Benefits dating site was created especially for men looking for young girls who need financial or other support. In modern times men are known as sugar daddies and girls as sugar babies. And the Secret Benefits website is a special tool that is helping to find men to find young ladies who need support of any kind.

This platform became really popular in recent years and the number of active Secret Benefits users has already successfully passed the twenty million mark. So let’s not waste a minute and find out if is Secret Benefits good as they talk about it? Keep reading this review to learn more.

How Does Secret Benefits Work?

The use of Secret Benefits will not cause any difficulties since the UI/ UX design and the logic of the site are on another level. Everything on Secret Benefits works like a swiss watch. Other reviews have also stated that this platform has a convenient and easy working process. That’s why we have carefully checked the Secret Benefits site before writing our review.

So how does the site work? Everything is easy as pie, you need to register and start searching for girls, send likes to one which you liked, and start your communication. The Secret Benefits site will provide you with some useful searching filters that will help you to search for sugar babies even faster. Another question that we’d like to tell you about is how you can create an account on the Secret Benefits dating site?

SecretBenefits main page

How to Create a Secret Benefits Account?

Even if you visit such a site for the first time, we assure you that the Secret Benefits sign up will not cause any difficulties for you. In order to create an account, you will have to push the button “ Free Signup ” in the top right corner of the website. After that, you will be proposed to fill in some necessary information such as your name, age, and email address. However, it’s worth mentioning that there is only one difference between registration for men and women.

The point is that girls will need to add at least six photos, and after that, their profiles will be created. At the same time, it’s not necessary to add photos of men. But do not worry since in both cases the registration on the Secret Benefits site will not take you more than 10 minutes.

Main Features of Secret Benefits

A lot of Secret Benefits reviews have mentioned a huge amount of interesting features. Every Secret Benefits member is getting access to these features once Secret Benefits log in has been proceeded. In this section, we would like to provide you with some Secret Benefits app features.

  • Video Verification
  • Secret Albums
  • Ability to hide the profile

Video Verification

If you want to verify your Secret Benefits account you will have to make a short selfie video of yourself and download it to the hookup site. After that, the support team will review your profile and verify it. This feature is one of the most useful since it reduces the possibility of creating fake accounts. Keep reading this Secret Benefits review for more details.

Secret Albums

The whole point of this feature is that sugar babies will create some personal albums that will not be visible to all users. In order to see the secret album, other users will have to send a request to the owner, and wait until it will be approved. After that, you also will have to pay 10 credits and that’s it, you can enjoy private pictures of sugar ladies’

Secret Benefits features

Ability to Hide Personal Profile

This is another great feature of the Secret Benefits dating website. The whole point of this feature is that you will be able to hide your profile and undo this action at any time. What is more important is that this feature is free and you can easily manage it in your profile’s settings.


This is another great feature of the app. With help of this feature, you will be able to see every person who is in love with you, who just simply liked your profile, and find out persons that you have found but missed in some circumstances. The “Matches” feature is an irreplaceable part of Secret Benefits and it has already become the main particularity of this dating app.

What Is The Sign Up Process?

Once you will start the sign-up process on this platform you will understand that it’s not another hook-up site. The sign-up process includes a multilevel verification process, with many other steps that will help you to secure your data from fraudulent activity and fake accounts. However, do not think that the sign-up process for the Secret Benefits is difficult or entangled. In fact, it’s a standard sign-up process that will require email and name entering but with more attention to the verification process.

Secret Benefits create account

Secret Benefits Dating: Pros and Cons

To answer your question: “what is” We’d like to provide you with some pros and cons of this popular service. We will not hide anything from you, so you would be able to come up with your personal attitude toward this great platform. However, we’d like to make a little spoiler and tell you that the number of advantages is much higher


  • Multilevel verification process; It’s one of the main advantages of this service. Since the audience of the site is very sensitive, the site developers have done their best in order to create an absolutely legal and safe platform. The verification on the website concludes with a lot of stages that guarantee your safety 100 percent.
  • A convenient and user-friendly platform; The first time you visit this amazing app, you will be pretty amazed by the site’s design and usability. From the very first second, you’re gonna understand that absolute professionals have been dealing with site creation. You will never meet a single bug or freeze on this platform since everything is working like a swiss clock.
  • Reliable company with total users of more than 20 million; The total number of users at the current moment is more than 20 million people. And what is more important you can always be sure that since such a huge amount of people use the service, it’s definitely worth your attention.
  • No fake accounts; Another advantage of the app is the absence of fake accounts. This may become real because of the amazing work of the developers. They created a significant and reliable system of checking every customer, to exclude the creation of fake accounts. So every time some beautiful sugar baby will write to you, stay sure that she is real.
  • Absolutely free registration process; You can start your meeting with free since the sign-up process on the platform is absolutely free of any charges. What is more important is it will cost you a maximum of 5 minutes of your time after which you will be able to start your pleasant communication with sugar babies.


  • Not a lot of features for daddies with free accounts; Despite the fact that sugar daddies will be able to start using the service absolutely free, still, it may be challenging to avoid making any purchase. We are not saying that it’s not possible that it is not possible to use the app for free, however, it may be much more interesting when you will start to use some paid features.
  • No version for mobile devices. Unfortunately, the Secret Benefits platform does not offer a mobile version of the application. Nevertheless, you can easily use the web version on your mobile device, while the developers are currently working on creating a mobile version of Secret Benefits.

Is Secret Benefits Legit?

Once you will start using this service, you can be absolutely sure that you’re using an absolutely legit platform. The safety of its users is the number one priority for Secret Benefits, that’s why they would provide you with all necessary information about terms of use, privacy policy, and refund policy that will be indicated on the main page of the Secret Benefits.

So you would be able to check every document by yourself before starting your cooperation with this service and make sure that they have nothing to hide. The main credo of the company is transparency in everything and you will see for yourself as soon as you start working with them.

What Is the Secret Benefits Price?

Finally, we are getting closer to the question that interests users the most – price. In this section, we’d provide you with all the necessary information regarding the Secret Benefits cost so you will finally know the truth about Secret Benefits. And the truth is that there are no subscription plans on this platform.

Despite that, you will be able to buy some special currency named credits on which you will be able to buy some interesting features that will not be available for free. And you may buy credits in one of these three packages: Introductuary, elite and best value. Every one of these packages is worth your attention, and thanks to these packages the Secret Benefits subscription becomes even more interesting.

For your convenience, we have collected the information about the prices for these packages.

Type of packagePrice for 1 creditPrice for 1000 credits
Best Value$0.29$289
Secret Benefits testimonials

Total Secret Benefits Rating

In order to answer your question about what is Secret Benefits? We would like to provide you with a total rating regarding every important section of the platform. After a careful and detailed review of the Secret Benefits platform, we checked everything that this platform offers to its users. In the table below we’d like to provide you with our independent rating regarding the following items: Matches, convenience, features, level of support, and cost.

Level of support9.9/10
Overall score9.8/10


Is Secret Benefits Safe?

Every user of the Secret Benefits platform can rest assured in the absolute legitimacy and safety of the chosen dating site. This platform puts the safety of its customers in the first place, confirmation of this is a detailed verification process and transparent policies.

What Is is the most popular dating site that helps men and women find partners that need any kind of financial help. This platform is a necessary tool that already helped millions of people around the world to find their perfect relationships. Be sure that once you choose this app, you will never regret that.

Are There Fake Profiles on Secret Benefits?

Before writing our review, we have carefully checked the measures taken by the site to reduce the number of fake accounts. And we have been gladly surprised since the system that this site is using is one of the best we have ever seen. With the help of a multilevel verification process, the amount of fake accounts on this dating platform is tending to zero.

Is Secret Benefits Free?

You can start your communication on the platform absolutely free of any charges. And what is more important the site provided its users with a huge amount of different free features that are available just after the sign-up process. However, Secret Benefits also give you the opportunity to buy special currency named credits that will help you to expand the site’s functionality.

Is Secret Benefits Real?

Secret Benefits is one of the most popular dating apps that have been created for sugar ladies and sugar babies. Millions of people know about this platform and millions of them are using it every day. In this case, there is no reason to doubt the reality of the site, as its success speaks for itself.

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