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Finding Seattle Hookups And Where To Get Laid

This beautiful city has a lot to offer in terms of Seattle hookups. It is home to a lot of singles ready to meet new people and get laid. However, despite the city having thousands of interested hookups, it is not always easy finding them if you don’t know where to go. This is why there is a list of the coolest pickup bars, the most vibrant nightclubs, the promising dating sites, and some useful tips about getting laid that you must know. In a city with a large number of drinkers, let us start with the best bars where you will always walk out with the ideal Seattle hook up.

Best Sites for Local Hookup

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The Seattle Pick Up Bars For Hookups

You will meet girls in Seattle in these bars. Here are the coolest bars that are thriving with interesting singles intending to have a great time and find a good lay.

The Rabbit Hole

Some people will tell you to avoid this part of the city where this bar is located, something absolutely hogwash because you are going to miss experiencing this amazing bar. The Rabit Hole is a mix of a full thriving bar, delicious food, skeeball, and a flurry of amazing events throughout the month. This bar has a 3-hour happy hour every night, which means you can always show up early every day before 7 pm and enjoy the benefits of an early evening, which include finding the hottest girl. The crowd is mainly people in their 20s and 30s who are very friendly and easy to strike up a conversation with. Well, when you get here, go with the flow, and you will walk out with a hot hookup and have an interesting night ahead involving lots of sex.

The Canon

This is a city with a bar, lounge, and pub to meet different tastes. The locals here are very picky about their bars which is why you will find a special kind of people hanging out in the Canon. This is a cocktail lounge or gastropub that is located a few meters from Seattle University and a joint loved by a great number of residents. The bar offers that upscale pub grub and many of those professionally crafted cocktails which draw crowds from all over.

The bar serves a list of types of amazing alcohol that runs 200 pages long. If you can’t get the right drink here, then your tastes are not of this world. Every drinker will find what they need here, and that is just the tip of the iceberg if your mission is getting laid in the end. There is no end to the beautiful lonely women Seattle born, who crowd this bar. It is a perfect mix of sophisticated and cool horny women in Seattle. The girls for sex in Seattle are always eager and ready if you are solo and have your eye roving about. You will definitely get laid if you come to this place.

Seattle Hookups

The Ounces Taproom

This is a bar with a beer garden that is awesome for meeting new people. It has this open and relaxed environment that allows everyone who sets foot in here to be carefree and friendly. The place offers beers on tap, and food trucks are also available to sate your hunger. You can visit this place any time of the year because it is still magical, but the summer period is usually the best. It is easy to pick up a pretty girl, chat them up and leave with her. If you love beer and Seattle hot girls, then you will love this place and will walk out with a hookup partner for an interesting night ahead.

The Re-Bar

Most people get a little baffled when they visit this bar. It is a mixture of amazing bar, theatre, art space, and music venue. Re-bar is a bit confusing to define, but it is an amazing place to hang out, and it is loved by many. This place attracts the weirdest, coolest and wildest people in the city. You will always find a different event every day you visit and carefree crowds with people interested in cheap sex in Seattle. The hookup possibilities in the Re-bar are endless, and you will not only have a great time but definitely get hooked and get laid by the hottest one you pick.

The Kells Bar

This is a pub that offers excellent Irish food, live music, and very fine choices of whiskeys. With that list, that makes it one of the ideal Seattle hookup bars. There is always something special about an Irish pub that makes people become more carefree and sociable. The crowds that arrive at this bar are always looking to unwind and interact with each other. The lovely food, the great ambience, the tourists and locals all make this club an interesting place to find a great hookup. The beautiful hot women that come here will make you salivate, and you will be a fool not to walk up to one and say hello as you turn into serious flirt mode.

The Best Clubs For Finding Hookups In Seattle

Well, there are sex clubs in Seattle that will give you a nightlife experience like no other and icing on the cake in the form of the hottest hook ups in Seattle. Here are some of those clubs worth visiting if your main agenda is getting seriously laid in Seattle every night.


This is a renowned Seattle Sex club with an amazing dance experience. With the city full of dance lovers who love to shake it seriously you will love the energetic crowds in this club. The DJs are cool and will keep you on the dance floor for a long time. This is a sexy dance club that will make you love this city even more than you already do. You will find this club at Denny hill, and this makes it great if you want a scene different from Capitol Hill. However, you won’t escape the crowds because they are here in plenty.

Everyone is welcome in this Sex club in Seattle including the LGBT community making it ideal if your aim is finding an LGBT hookup. The weekend crowds are filled with hot chicks in Seattle and tourists looking for a Seattle experience and even a hookup. This is the place to go if you want to lose yourself for a couple of hours and get laid by a hot stranger. You can also become that stranger and have the grandest time of all.

The Cedar Room

This is a wood-panelled club that is a dance venue and ranked as one of the coolest nightspots in Seattle. Cedar room is special with great DJ-led dance parties, amazing live music, and that lounge-style chill that will make you fall in love with this place. As a location for picking up hot girls, you will find it quite accomodating. The place has earned its place in the high ranks without being overly crowded. The atmosphere is cool, fun, and upscale, minus the heavy crowds. You can have a night to remember here, and with beautiful girls out here to have a great chilled time, you will not walk out alone, that is a sure bet.

The Trinity Nightclub

The trinity nightclub is a great dance spot and a lovely space to be in if you want a place with variety. The club has managed to offer different atmospheres to cater to the different needs of the people that frequent this place. There is the dance floor to help you loosen up, then there is the sexier Blue Room, where you will check out the person you are interested in and show interest.

After you have made eye contact with your hookup, you can both go to the Card’s room which is a toned-down quieter room, perfect for conversations and several rounds of drinks. Then if you are loaded with cash, how about the VIP room, which is an even better place to drink, talk and perhaps even cuddle. One thing is for sure, the rest of your night will be spent hitting the sack with the special someone you meet. The trinity Nightclub is actually a great hookup place that makes picking up someone very easy and convenient.

Best Seattle Places To Meet Sexy Singles During Daytime

If you are more of a daytime person and would love to find your hookups in broad daylight with a lot more clarity, there are amazing dating spots in Seattle. The Seattle hookup spots are as follows:

Cafe Solstice

This is one of those trendy coffee houses that will give you an opportunity to meet sexy girls and hook up with them. It is located near the University of Washington campus, which means a steady supply of the hottest coffee-loving babes. The coffee house crowds are a mix of charming ladies, college studies, and your professionals. It is spacious, relaxed, and a wonderful place to strike up a conversation. You will find yourself naturally flirting with a hot girl with whom you share your love for great coffee. The wonderful coffee itself is a great conversation starter, so don’t worry about pickup lines. You will no doubt be getting hooked up in Cafe Solstice and with more than just great coffee.

Meet Sexy Seattle Singles

The Seattle Athletic Club

Perhaps you are a fitness lover and just need to work out a little. Well, if you want to work out and also hook up, then you can walk to the Seattle Athletic Club Downtown. This fitness place will first help you get into shape, then it will help you interact with a lot of sexy singles. You will get to check them out as they work out their sexy bodies. If you shoot your shot right, you will get a couple of numbers and walk out with a hot babe and probably experience one of the best sex in Seattle and the best sex of your life. The only thing you will lose in this fitness place is a few pounds but gain plenty of hookups.

Eastlake Coffe House

This is Seattle city where coffee lovers are many, which is why a second coffee house is featured on this list. It is a cool coffee house that is quiet, cozy, and has strong Wi-Fi. During all afternoons, you will see the lovely seats of this coffee house occupied by Seattle’s hottest girls. Keep your charm on and remain friendly as you chat one of them up. In no time, you will be leaving with one on your arm for an evening full of promise.

Best Online Sites Or Apps To Find Hookups In Seattle

If you would love to find your hookup in Seattle without having to go out and meet people in crowded areas, then the online dating sites Seattle residents have signed up with that will hook you up with the ideal match. Here are some hookup sites Seattle locals love that you could use in Seattle.


In Seattle tinder is the ground zero for hookups and ranked as one of the best dating sites in Seattle. Get that profile started and make it impressionable and more girls than you can shake a stick at will show interest. Tinder is an amazing platform for Seattle casual dating. It will get you hookups from within Seattle, and you can then meet up in one of those public places and share great conversations before you finally decide to do the great deed.

AFF(Adult Friend Finder)

This is another great platform that is free and specifically for great hookups. It is actually one of the free hookup sites Seattle locals love a lot. Put up your profile and reach out to the people you are interested in. Chances are they will show interest right back. Specify your location as Seattle, and you will probably find a new hookup every night. It is a fun and very resourceful platform for Seattle hook ups and Seattle casual sex.

Best Hotels To Get Laid In Seattle

After hooking up, you can’t do the deed in public, which is why you will need a cozy room with great service to cuddle up and sweat it out in bed. Well, there are some great hotels in Seattle where you can get laid in for that one night stand Seattle style and love it. Here are the best places to get laid in Seattle.

  • Even Hotel Seattle Downtown
  • Hyatt Regency
  • The Maxwell Hotel
  • Kimpton Vintage Hotel
  • The Paramount Hotel
  • The Sound Hotel
  • The Mayflower Park Hotel

Best Tips For Getting Laid In Seattle

  • Seattle is a lovely place full of sexually liberated women. However, to get laid in Seattle, you must be friendly, conversational but never creepy. Be pleasant and show genuine interest in someone, and you will get laid countless times.
  • Go to places in Seattle where good crowds are available, and you have great chances of hooking up with the hottest girls. If it is a bar or club, look for the best places like the ones listed above. Go to these places with anticipation in your heart and a great attitude, and you will meet the most interesting people.
  • Dress up well, look and feel clean. No one wants an unkempt, foul-smelling, and badly dressed person for a date. You must be likable, attractive, and fun to hang out with if you want to find sex in Seattle.


Seattle is a great place with a lot to offer in terms of sexual adventures. Make sure you find the best places to hang out and find Seattle hookups. If you are going to get laid in Seattle, then you must do it the right way with the right information above. We have highlighted the best clubs and bars to go, the best Seattle dating websites, and the best Seattle date spots for the best hookup experience.


Is Seattle A Safe Place For Hooking Up?

Seattle is as safe as most thriving urban places. You will get many options of people intending to hook up in Seattle, too, but in the end, it is up to you to take charge of your own safety by observing basic safety precautions.

What Are The Girls in Seattle Like?

The girls in Seattle are sweet, friendly and value friendships and hookups. They are fun-loving, which makes it enjoyable to hang out with. They will expect you to be fun to hang out with too.

How Long Will It Take Me To Get Laid In Seattle?

This will depend on how frequently you go out and the places you visit. Make sure these places have crowds and potential hookups which you can chat up to increase your chances.

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