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Pure is an innovative app that is supposed to keep your sexual encounters secret. It has unique features nowhere to find on other similar websites or apps. Pure reviews of real users are mostly positive, claiming you don’t even have to worry about deleting a suspicious (to spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend) app or clearing history. Pure will make sure you have fun. More awesome details in a review below.

Pure app

In A Nutshell

Created a while ago, Pure is a platform designed to seek awesome and cool sexual partners. You will find awesome encounters and funniest, coolest partners. Most users claim in reviews Pure is targeted at awesome people seeking multiple nice and fun partners to gain amazing experience. It is a great way to have fun whenever you have time/ No strings attached, no stress and no pressure of society. But is Pure good, you might find in this detailed and updated review.



  • A self-destructive profile – you won’t have to delete it on your own.
  • The prices are average.
  • Quick and easy search of sexual partners.
  • All sexual orientations are welcome.


  • Automatically renewed subscription.

Pure At A Glance

  • Best for: singles or married people (committed to) seeking sexual partners.
  • Recommended age: starting from legal age – only for mature people.
  • Favorite features: quick matches, nearby matches, only a selfie, invitations are sent if someone is near you using the app, self-destruction of profiles.

What Is Pure App?

Pure dating site is considered to be the main competitor of Tinder, although it is not clear why people think so. Tinder is an app where you have a slight chance of meeting a lifetime partner. It was created as a fun swiping dating app, while Pure Hookup is designed to seek amazing sexual partners. You can have an awesome experience while using Pure. Here are people who benefit from using Pure:

  • Married or committed to relationship users who won’t have fun and awesome time.
  • Users who seek awesome adult partners.
  • People who prefer traveling and having fun while seeking hookups.

On Pure, you see awesome, well-designed profiles when you are matched with someone cool. It is amazing and completely unique that you see profiles of awesome users when you are matched with them. The coolest thing is – there is no list, you are matched with someone awesome who is near you and using this app right this moment. It is an awesome way to meet a like-minded individual right now. Reviews praise this amazing opportunity.

Pure matches you with another cool and awesome individual in one case – you are near each other, both using Pure at the moment.  The pure app is extremely appealing to adults, not just because of the content of the app. The site has an extremely appealing design. You can check it out; it is minimalistic, mostly black and white photos, some cartoon black and white pictures. It is unique and one of a kind, which makes it even more interesting to use it. And the reviews are positive.

pure hookup app

How Does Pure Work?

The app is working, and it is awesome when you have the GPS switched on. It is needed to locate amazing and cool individuals near you. It is super easy! People in reviews even claim it is fun to create an account each time, and it is super quick. Just make an awesome and outstanding selfie and use it each time you have time to see someone.

The truth about Pure is that it is completely focused on random encounters. You see someone’s picture, you like it (actually like it and make the “like” action), and then you have an open chat just for the two. You can quickly find out some things about each other and meet outside of Pure.

So there are several conditions to find a partner:

  • You need to have an account with just one really good selfie.
  • Your GPS is on.
  • You like a potential amazing adult partner, and this cool person likes you back.
  • You need to agree to meet somewhere.

An hour later, your Pure account is in history. It is extremely fun and cool since this feature is unique. It is like an awesome game where you have to complete some tasks. It adds some fun and makes it more amazing. People in reviews also mention that it is wiser to go out somewhere, like visit a coffee shop or a restaurant, and in a cozy atmosphere, you can create an account and immediately seek sexual partners or hookups. Someone cool near you might be waiting to meet you and have an awesome time together.

It is also important to seek sexual partners only when you have time. When someone is using Pure, this person is free to meet someone. Reviews state most people are willing to meet each other right away to have fun and enjoyable encounters. So make sure you have time to seek awesome adult partners.


Creating an account is important; it won’t take long. Just open the official Pure log in page, and you will see the link to the app you want to download. It works on both types of devices – on Android and on iOS. This amazing app takes a few minutes to be downloaded. The greatest and coolest thing is that you enjoy your time while the app makes sure the account is terminated in 1 hour. Quickly make an awesome and outstanding selfie before you start the sign-up process.

You need just your amazing selfie, then grant the permission to read the data on your device. It means it will read the phone number and payment information so later you will just have fun by creating a profile in less than 1 minute. The app will remember your data. To start using this awesome app, and meet the coolest people, choose what type of verification you prefer – by email or phone number. When you decide, you will receive a code, verify your identity by it, and start using this awesome app.

The review of Pure confirms that it is extremely easy and simple to use this amazing app.

registration Pure

Search & Profile Quality

The reviews claim Pure has something better to offer. On Pure, you just meet awesome people near. If two or several amazing users are using the cool Pure app simultaneously and they are near each other, then they will be matched. The most awesome thing is – profiles are terminated automatically after one hour of using the site. It is so fun as if you are in a James Bond movie!

It is extremely fun and safe to use Pure when you need it. When you are using your account, you can like other people (if you are matched with them), then you could start a conversation if you have a mutual interest in each other. And if you feel like you fit each other’s expectations, you can meet offline.


It is a safe app; the payments are secure. The only thing you need to take care of is to disable the automatically renewable subscription. Just switch off this function or set a limit on your bank account so the payment won’t be taken from your account. Better to switch off the function to make sure you won’t get charged.

Pure has no fake account since there is no point in creating them – they will be gone in one hour. Pure is safe, but when seeking hookups or long-term sexual partners, you need to take care of your safety on your own. The reviews of Pure claim the owners are not responsible for anything that happens outside of the app for sexual encounters. So is Pure safe? Only partially.

Help & Support

The support team is standard; you can contact them any time you need help. You might need to wait some time before you get the answer. But simple questions are answered quickly.


The costs are average, similar to any other prices offered by similar apps. But it has a three-day trial, and you can pay for a week instead of a month.


Is  Pure legit? Yes, it is, but only if you are interested in meeting sexual partners. The reviews of people who have been using it for a while claim there is nothing difficult in using the app. You just create an account, you don’t even have to mark your location, just switch on the GPS.

The app will do the rest. You and the user you like need to complete just one action – like each other’s pictures. Then you will end up in one chat and can agree upon the place where you can meet. It is useful and fun.

pure hookup chat app


How To Use Pure?

Pure is extremely easy to use since all you need to do is to add the basic information and your selfie. Since reviews claim you can seek only sexual partners and hookups, there is no need to add a detailed autobiography with your occupation, educational background, etc., which makes it easier to use Pure. The reviews claim you need to add just one selfie and start seeking partners. You have one hour, so you are interested in finding someone really quick. This is exactly why Pure App is so effective.

What Pure Can Offer?

It is a long-term relationship-free area. If you are tired of people talking on and on about how it is nice to create a family, you can use Pure. It is a purely hookup app, that’s why it has such a name. Due to reviews, Pure offers a quick search of sexual partners and one night stands. It is effective since everyone knows they have only 1 hour to find a partner. If you won’t find a sexual partner in an hour, the profile will be destroyed, and you have to start over again.

Who Will Benefit From Using Pure?

Only people seeking sexual encounters would benefit from using Pure. People in reviews mention they have been able to find long-term sexual partners, but this is the only type of long-term relationship you might establish here. You will benefit from Pure if you are traveling and want to have some fun. Use Pure and find partners nearby within an hour. Overall, it offers short sexual encounters. And the app is effective since users know they are limited in their searching time.

Is Pure Anonymous?

Yes, it is anonymous; users see only a profile picture. If you assume that the profile picture might reveal your identity to your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend, no need to worry. There is no option to see profiles; there are no search filters, lists of profiles, etc. The only time you see someone’s picture is when you are matched with someone nearby. And assumably, your significant other is not using Pure, and you won’t get into trouble. The reviews claim it’s working.

What Do Pure Reviews Claim?

The reviews are mostly positive. There are several things people complain about in their Pure dating site reviews. The first thing people complain about is the necessity to create a new account each time you want to find a hookup. The second thing is the automatically renewable subscription. You need to make sure you disable the automatically renewable feature; otherwise, even when you stop using Pure, you will be charged. So don’t forget to do that in settings.

How Can I Delete A Pure Account?

You don’t even have to delete the Pure account. Former and current users of Pure claim you have one hour to find a hookup or a one night stand, and when the time is up, the account is automatically deleted. The only thing you might be interested in doing is to delete the cache and the search history just in case.

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