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Get Laid With the Hottest Girls in Portland this Year

Portland is considered one of the finest cities of all time. It is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes due to the presence of beautiful mountains and rivers and because the city is filled with gorgeous people. Almost everyone in this city is sexy, and that’s what men like about Portland so much. And if you are wondering where sex in Portland is easy, then yes, it is for those who know the right ways.

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In today’s guide, we will teach you the perfect strategies for getting laid in Portland. People complain that Portland hook ups are difficult, but that is often because they haven’t explored the right clubs or dating sites yet. Hence, they do not know the joy of meeting someone via the right methods. It is a discouraging factor for most youngsters. Now you can shed off all such worries and get ready to ride the roller coaster of Portland hookup because our experts will teach you from the basics. So, keep reading to know how to get laid in Portland easily!

How Are the Girls in Portland?

Before you know the right places to meet Portland hot girls, you must find out more about the girls there. Some characteristics of hot chicks in Portland are:

  • These girls are very interactive even with strangers and always try to ensure that people hanging out with them are not bored. Besides, they love to drink a lot of coffee, so it wouldn’t take time for them to ask you for a coffee date if they are interested in you.
  • Portlanders love the natural form of a person. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else when with them.
  • These girls are very patient, so if you want them to wait for some time before you guys get laid, she will happily do it.
  • Even when it’s just about getting laid, the little things are quite important for them. So try to make them feel special by whatever you do.
  • As we have said before, these girls are jaw-droppingly gorgeous. They love working out, dancing, and dieting to stay in shape.
  • They love surprising people. So don’t be shocked if she has decorated the room before sex!
  • She loves clicking pictures. Hence, please try to be a bit photogenic when with a Portlander.
  • Lastly, these girls are so pretty and adorable that you might end up falling in love even if you do not intend to!
Portland Hookups

Where to Get Laid in Portland With Hot Girls?

It’s time that we discuss one of the most important topics of today’s blog – the best places to get laid in Portland. Well, there are many places where you can find sex in Portland. For instance, there are sex clubs, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, etc. Our experts have explored every corner of Portland to find the best places for you. So if you have visited clubs where there were no people, then it’s time you see the ones recommended by us in today’s guide. Keep reading below!

Best Bars for Singles in Portland

Bars are one of the best places where you can find girls for sex in Portland. Thankfully, Portland is filled with cool bars where many youngsters hang out. We have mentioned a few bars below that you can visit for hook up in Portland:

  • Dixie Tavern: Dixie Tavern is a bar located in Dixie Tavern. It is a favorite place for those who love to enjoy a one-night stand in Portland. It has a cool rock ‘n’ roll theme that makes the area look great for a fun night.
  • Prost: If you are wondering where to get laid in Portland, then Prost will be the best answer to that! Here, you will find many hot and cute-looking guys ready for a crazy night.
  • Pepe Le Moko: Pepe le Moko is one of the popular Portland pick-up bars located on 10th Avenue in the Ace Hotel. This bar has a great European-style environment with great cocktails and snacks that you ought to love!
  • Teardrop Lounge: Located in the Pearl District, the Teardrop Lounge is one of the coolest Portland hookup bars that you must visit if you like to enjoy drinks with style and in good company. The people are very amiable here, and you will enjoy your time here.
  • Landmark Saloon: This bar reflects the beauty of Portland date spots at their best. From drinks to food to ambiance, everything seems perfect here. The staff is also very welcoming, making the place one of its kind throughout the city.

Best NightClubs for Hookups in Portland

The nightclubs, or sex club in Portland, is another popular place for landing hot hookup dates. Night clubs are places where you can meet some of the hottest girls from Portland. The area is enjoyable if you like good food, drinks, dance, and, of course, pretty Portlanders! You can also impress the girls with your hot moves if you have good dance skills. So which Portland sex club should you visit? Well, we have listed down a few below. Have a look to know:

  • Aztec Willie’s Taqueria: Do you love eating Mexican food and grooving to your favorite music at the same time? If yes, then this nightclub will match all your needs. It has the best lighting, staff, and people in Portland. Hence, meeting a lonely women in Portland here will be quite easy.
  • Mingle Lounge: This is one of the hottest sex clubs in Portland, where you can enjoy intimate meetings with girls in a cozy environment. Fortunately, most of them are up for one-night stands here, making this place an absolute favorite of Portland casual sex lovers. Starting from the food to the music, everything seems perfect here!
  • Jones Retro Dance Club: This is one of those dating spots in Portland where you can enjoy a mix of old-school love with modern intimacy. Here, you can groove on the popular tunes from the 90s. Besides that, what we love about this place is its great affordability. However, this club opens only during the weekends. Hence, if you want to enjoy yourself here, keep your Saturday Night free!

Top Places to Find Hot Girls in Portland

If nightclubs and bars are not your ideal Portland hookup spots, we have more options for you. There are several other places where you can easily meet girls in Portland, hang out with them, and then get laid as soon as possible. Sounds like a dream? Well, turn the dream into a reality by visiting the places mentioned below:

  • Phat Chart: If you are a foodie who wants to meet another sizzling foodie, then Phat Chart will be your ideal place. Here, you will get to taste the best sandwiches of all time. Even though the area is a bit small, it is not congested. Rather, it has a sweet, intimate vibe that makes connecting with a stranger easier for many.
  • Case Study Coffee Roasters: Single women have a special charm for cafes. Hence, meeting someone for Portland casual dating in a coffee shop is highly possible. Therefore, do not miss a golden opportunity to visit this marvelous place in Portland. This café has got fine caffeine, food, and of course, pretty girls who are interested in getting laid!
  • Waterfront Blues Festival: Meeting your dream hookup partner in a music festival will be extraordinarily romantic. If you also want one such setup, visit the Waterfront Blues Festival in Oregon. It usually takes place in July and has a great vibe for singles to connect.
  • Lloyd Athletic Club: This is a trendy gym in Portland where you can meet many hot girls who love staying fit and fine. The best part about visiting this place is that you can focus on two things at a time – a ravishing date and your overall fitness. Also, initiating a conversation with a cute girl in a fitness club is easier. For instance, you can discuss workouts in general!

How to Get Laid in Portland Via Online Methods?

Besides trying out the offline methods, you should also try finding hook ups in Portland via the online methods. Some popular online methods include joining dating sites, opting for online escort services, and meeting girls via adult chatting sites. If you wonder which are the best free hookup sites in Portland, then we have got you covered. Read below to know!

Best Portland Hookup Sites to Join

Below are some of the best hookup sites in Portland that our dating experts loved using. Check out the list below to know which dating sites you should be joining for getting laid faster in Portland:

  • Tinder: Tinder is a popular dating site whose name almost every youngster knows these days. It is a great platform for finding casual sex and long-term commitments. However, it is better used for hookups. Tinder has many features that make your dating journey smoother and keep you safe from fraudsters. Joining Tinder is a decision no one regrets, especially when finding a way to get laid!
  • Adult Friend Finder: As the very name suggests, this is an adult dating site where you can easily find horny women in Portland. The place is full of hotness and surprises that you cannot ignore. Adult Friend Finder is an illicit site with nudes all over areas. So join only if you enjoy such content (which we believe most will because it’s super sexy)!
  • Ashley Madison: This is one of the top Portland dating websites are known for promoting extramarital affairs. If you are worried about secrecy, don’t worry because this app has many special features to help you achieve 100% privacy. For example, you can hide the app icon by covering it up. The user base of Ashley Madison is also huge, making it easier to find dates!

Join these best dating sites in Portland, and you will never have to struggle to find a hot date again!

Get Laid in Portland

Things to Remember While Finding Online Date in Portland

A few things to remember when finding hookups in Portland via online dating sites are:

  • Never share your details.
  • Always meet in a public area first.
  • Do not talk with someone who has a fake profile picture.
  • Talk on video call before the meeting.
  • Be cautious about how the person behaves and find out their real motives.

Sexy Hotels in Portland

If you have successfully found a hot partner from dating sites Portland, here is the list of sexy hotels that you can visit for getting laid:

  • Hotel deLuxe
  • Jupiter Hotel
  • Hotel Lucia
  • The Heathman Hotel
  • Ace Hotel Portland
  • The Hoxton- Portland

Things to Keep in Mind When Getting Laid in Portland

A few things to consider before going for a Portland hook up are:

  • Be gentle
  • Be respectful
  • Do not act fake
  • Be honest
  • Act sexy

Final Word

We hope now you know how to find cheap sex in Portland. Enjoying casual sex in Portland is super fun because many places to visit and many dating sites to join. So how are you planning to get laid in this city? Please share with us!


Is Dating in Portland Safe?

Yes, hookup in Portland is absolutely safe. All you need to do is respect your partner and make them feel safe with you. Also, there should be consent between both partners.

Are Girls in Portland Beautiful?

Girls from Portland are extremely beautiful and hot. They have the perfect figure, best complexion, and pretty eyes to allure you.

How Are the Guys in Portland?

You can find some real gentlemen when dating in Portland. Men from this city know how to impress girls and keep them safe.

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