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People tend to believe in OutPersonals dating site reviews. These are unique ones, a majority of people do not go for this dating platform. Still, the general rate is high, as the main audience is men.



  • Support minorities
  • Notification system
  • Help center
  • Full profiles


  • Too much sexual content
  • Scamming
  • Expensive At A Glance

  • Age: 18+
  • Audience: LGBT
  • Countries: all

What Is OutPersonals?

The OutPersonals dating site is the platform for the gay community. The service is only available for men who are seeking other men to date and something more. It is the place where they may feel like a fish in the sea.

The dating website was launched in 1996. Then, it was the pioneer in the sphere of the LGBT community. Mainly, it is operated from the USA. Nowadays, the offices are spread out all over the world. There are departments in Europe, Australia, and Singapore.

How Does OutPersonals Work?

Out Personals is a worldwide well-known dating service for gays. Thus, all the profiles are full of male genitals. On the main page, users can see who is online, new matches, and VIPs. This is the main way of looking for new partners. Below this, still, on the main page, members can track other’s activity. There are a lot of posts with new photos with captions.

5 main tabs are in frequent use by users:

  • My Stuff
  • Search
  • Live-Action
  • Community
  • What’s Hot

Live Actions is a page with lots of functions connected with instant communication. Live Models and Webcams have it possible to take part in virtual communication via camera. There are also adult chat rooms that brim with 18+ sexual content. Moreover, members use also an instant messenger. If people are bored with communication and people, they may look through and read some blogs, magazines, and groups in the Community tab. Here, matching does not work as a fully elaborated system. This is up to men themselves to look for a great better-half.

OutPersonals Dating

Sign Up / Registration

OutPersonals reviews explain the main steps of the registration. There are two stages. The first one wants you to indicate who you are seeking and what country you are from. As soon as you are redirected to the second page, you are to have already an active mailbox. This step requires you to write data that will be displayed soon in your profile. The title and summary of your profile are filled in while processing the signup. The overall time spent on this should not exceed 5 minutes. Please note that the website does not allow you to go further right to dating unless you confirm your email address.

Search & Profile Quality

The search page is not full enough to indicate everything you expect from your potential partner. OutPersonals log in presupposes looking for a good man to hang out with. However, filters for searching are limited to age, location, join date, and who can be displayed. There is also a chance to look for a man by the username.

Profiles are great in all its meanings. You can upload various photos in innumerous numbers. Members can download videos as well. Oftentimes, they also lead their blogs.


Is OutPersonals safe? Like almost all the others, this dating platform has an encrypted system. This, however, does not fully ensure safety for every user. Still, the platform owns a special page for reporting abuse or sexuality. Nonetheless, some members happen to act against law and pry into other’s life.

Help & Support

Is good in terms of supporting its members? Helping the users is the main thing the service is to provide. As a result, websites care a lot about supporting their customers. As has been already mentioned, they do have here a reporting center.

As well as this one, the dating platform has Help/Contact page. Members may find answers to the top questions here. Right below them, users may submit the suggestion for improvement. If the inquiry is not satisfied, men can contact the service center. It can be done in two possible ways. The first one is a Feedback form, which is not likely to get a response. The other way is the postal mail. All the information is mentioned on the website.

OutPersonals Dating Site

Prices & Plans

The review of Out Personals cannot but mention the main plans and the average price for various Membership subscriptions. With a year membership, you get 6 months as a gift. The price for a month starts from 8,73 Canadian dollars. The highest one is up to 40 Canadian dollars.

Premium members have higher chances to meet a good partner as their profile is marked as VIP. Full access is a real simplification for all the members. As all of them are men, it gets impossible to do without any Membership plans.


OutPersonals dating site reviews say it is a good platform for gays. As there are few of them to compete with, we cannot judge it objectively. In general, the online dating website has plenty of functions. Still, not everyone is ready for such a big number of genitals, which are everywhere. There is no censure at all so that one is to put up with it.


Is OutPersonals Legit?

OutPersonals is a registered mark of Incorporation Various. Copyrights were updated in 2019. They have existed for more than 20 years. There are terms of use, that one can easily get acquainted with. These are the only things that may contribute to the general impression, whether it is legit or not. The question does not even lie in it. There are some problems with privacy, but not with this one.

Where Can I Find The Truth About OutPersonals?

If to google OutPersonals reviews, you will for sure find a dozen of them. To leave first-hand feedback, you have the right to do this on the website. As of now, only the administration processes all of the feedbacks. Thus, you do not have any access to them. In the short run, the website plans it to change.

What If I Am A Woman?

The OutPersonals dating website is oriented toward the gay community. It implies that the platform allows only men to register. No girls at all can be members of this dating service. There are many such platforms dedicated to females only.

What Age Should I Be To Sign Up On The

This online dating website is restricted to adults. The service indicates it on its own. As a result, if you are under 18, you will not be able to register here.

What If I Am Not A Gay? is only for the representatives of the LGBT community. In the very beginning, you are to choose who you are looking for. The service will not enable you to choose a woman. You may pick up the option “gay couple”. Anyway, only minorities are welcome here.

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