Best Lesbian Dating Apps 2022 – High-Rated Options

Now that our amazing adult world is opening up again, the prospect of meeting people on lesbian dating apps is becoming more and more real. Finding your ideal sexual partner can now be done quickly, easily, and without even leaving your home!

Those who identify as lesbian, bisexual, and queer were already firmly convinced of the best online dating ever before the pandemic. In real life, thanks to hookup applications, lesbians often have to overcome obstacles. Taking advantage of the best lesbian apps, adults can quickly find partners who accept them looking for the same thing: Wirth, sex, casual dating, intimate games that could please each lesbian single.

When it comes to making online dating inclusive, you make your life easier by trying to find your perfect partner with top lesbian dating apps. This approach to adult dating will improve the quality of communication. In virtual reality, you have a great chance to become more confident and achieve your sexual goals.

There are many possibilities for adult dating today. Especially, it goes beyond the traditional heteronormative framework. A range of best free lesbian dating apps to meet lesbians (and other sex apps with settings for homosexuals) ensure that finding love or sex is fun and safe for people of all sexual orientations.

Lesbian Dating Apps

Adults have a number of great options to meet an experienced lesbian partner. You can sit in a nearby bar and keep an eye on the girls or bisexual people that boggle your imagination. You may ask your friends to introduce you to one of their best friends.

You may join a club, take classes, or join an LGBTQ advocacy group where you will meet like-minded people. Still, in this age, when we live most of our lives online, many lesbians take their phones to find the best sexual partner. If you’re thinking of trying your luck with the offered applications, then be quick!

How To Choose The Best Lesbian Dating App?

Each lesbian application has its own advantages and nuances. Сhoosing the best lesbian hookup application for adults, you can navigate the use of the amazing service. The current hookup service will become indispensable during virtual chat and sex.

At the very beginning of using lesbian applications, there is a sincere desire to be creative, to try to make a good impression. After many attempts, which often turn into active actions on the part of the partner, creativity begins to make itself felt in a good way. We have compiled a list of the best lesbian apps so that you will find your ideal sex partner in a short period of time. Still, you can familiarize yourself with the work of this or that sex service.

Top Lesbian Dating Apps


Zoe is positioning itself as the best lesbian meeting app at the moment. The application is popular all over the world. This is one of the best sex services where you will find unique like-minded women. This amazing app has over 4 million registered adult users, so there are many good profiles to view.

Zoe app

Originally designed as an innovative app, Zoe lets you upload photos of those that don’t show your face. The application works great, and you may use the basic functionality using a free account. Since all profiles are verified, there are practically authentic profiles.

This is one of the dating apps for lesbians that revolves around casual dating. Still, you may run into multiple users seeking a serious relationship. With great search filters and a large user base, it makes lesbian dating pretty easy. This is what you need to connect with single lesbians looking for a girl who loves to have fun. Try the best lesbains apps, and you won’t regret it!


Lex is among the number of good lesbian dating apps. This is a so-called text app for homosexuals, transgender people, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people. Lex is a great adult service with a clear non-traditional dating policy.

Lex app

This wonderful and effective lesbian app is ad-driven. It focuses on the jargon we use for ourselves and our relationships, not just the way we look. Lex allows lesbian users to present themselves using a jargon they feel most comfortable with. Lex has pre-set parameters that aim at a win that trans and non-binary singles may achieve.


Bumble is a great lesbian dating app. This is a famous hookup service that takes an effective approach to online sex. This is a gay-friendly app created to prevent all the attempts by single men to hook up amazing women.

Since this app isn’t just for gay men, 40% of the members are men seeking a hot lesbian girl. If you are interested in women, you will receive many pleasant messages with a hint of sex from the very first lines of communication!

Bumble main page

Messages often come from adorable girls to other female members. They can connect with women who show interest to them first. It makes Bumble the perfect platform to meet lesbians seeking to have some fun.

The app has over 11 million US adults registered. Bumble app is quite detailed and thoughtful like some other lesbian sex apps. Bumble is the best lesbian dating app that does its job very well.

With an ultra-short check-in process and robust dating system, matching someone is too easy. All photos and information are publicly available. Any user can view profiles of lesbians without any restrictions. The overall design is great, and you don’t need a paid subscription to connect with other users. Bumble can be the perfect starting point for your virtual adventures.

Lesbian Tinder App

Tinder has its advantages as it remains to be the most popular adult hookup app. You will even find a lesbian sex partner with which you may start an unforgettable Wirth!

Lesbian Tinder App

Tinder is the best dating app for lesbians. If you want to play a number game, Tinder is the best place to do it due to the sheer number of users. You just might have to flip through a few guys to get to your perfect lady.

If you live in a big city (or don’t mind going on a bit of hookup), then the sheer number of users makes Tinder worth a look. If this fits into your budget and you travel a lot, then consider upgrading to use the passport feature. You will be making casual meetings at your destination before you go on your trip with lesbians.


HER is a decent lesbian sex dating app at the stage of online sex relationships development. HER is a popular hookup app among a number of adorable lesbian and bi dating on the market. Yet many single online sex seekers want to know if the app is justifying its popularity. Can single LGBTQ women on HER find matches easier than using popular LGBTQ-friendly dating apps? We’ve looked into all the facts to figure it out!

HER main page app

If you identify as lesbian, bisexual, non-binary, pansexual, or queer, then HER is worth it to you! You can try the lesbian dating app for free. You’ll only need to upgrade to the premium version if you find that the swipe limit is too restrictive. Premium is designed to provide pleasant and necessary bonus features to make your lesbian dating convenient.

Best Free Lesbian Dating Apps


Fem is the top app on the online dating market. Fem was ranked as number one among lesbian hookups worldwide. The flip function has become very common since the launch of the well-known Tinder service. Fem is the first lesbian dating app that adds video profiles to the scrolling function and allows members to share their daily lives. Videos are more realistic and engaging than photographs. This feature makes Fem a unique and sought-after adult service.

Fem app

You may only know a few members due to the simple registration steps. Still, video profiles make things better. Lesbians need people who share their relationships, lifestyles, and great experiences. Even a video can provide such a function. Having convenient and well-thought-out features allows lesbians to deeply share experiences. After all, Fem is an extravagant lesbian video calling app worth trying!


Bounce is the best hookup app that guarantees you a date with adorable girls. How does it do it? First, you create an account. Like other top dating apps, Bounce asks you to sync with your Facebook, then share where you work or study, and answer a few fun questions to help potential partners better understand who you are. This is a pretty standard thing!

Bounce app

Once you’ve created your profile, instead of flipping through the profiles of random people, you have the option to “check in” at certain times of the day to register.

You sign up by logging into the app as soon as it launches. From there, you choose the areas where you intend to go on a sex date. The app is currently available for adult users in New York. According to the website, it will soon appear in San Francisco, Miami, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.

After signing up, the fun begins when you enter a 15-minute matching session during which the app introduces you to potential people to date. You have one minute to decide on each person they introduce to you. Best service Bounce prides itself on putting quality over quantity which means you get one unforgettable date a night.

When you need to cancel, you will have the option in the app. This is also stated on their website. To ensure a great Bounce experience for all users, the creators have a cancellation policy. Thus, user accounts that have canceled or failed to show up will be suspended.


SCISSR is a complete app created especially for LGBTQ singles. This platform is the best as its excellent functionality is quite convenient and practical to use. The hookup service is updated regularly. Professional developers and administrators take the safety and security of the sex app seriously. If you were looking for a place where you can be yourself, experience impressive feelings, find romantic dates, friendship, or casual sex, then SCISSR is what you need!

Scissr app

SCISSR is the best LGBTQ hookup application that has been launched in 2015. Until recently, it began to gain popularity among its target adult audience.

At first glance, it looks sleek, modern, and comfortable. Promotional materials transform it into a safe platform that provides LGBTQ girls with a nice place to be themselves, meet, and develop an online community that goes beyond real life.

Quality SCISSR profiles are designed to combine usefulness and simplicity. Any female user is given a great opportunity to provide basic information about their own personality. It includes age, sexual identity, hair color, height, ethnicity, and relationship status as well. This is a great chance to show your personality. Most adult users use this bio section to write some words about the type of partner they want to find on the platform.

One of the greatest features of SCISSR is the ability to edit photos that users have uploaded to their profiles. In SCISSR you can crop, adjust placement, lighting, and apply filters to images from the app.

The list of desirable adult matches is presented to you in a scrolling format consisting of a woman’s profile picture, her name on the screen, and the distance from you. When you find a profile that interests you, click on it, and her bio will be opened. From there, click the “crush” button, which for all intense goals is the like button, or add them to your wishlist. Once you add someone to your wishlist, you can track their status updates and try to contact them later. If the user is currently online, you can ask to start a private message with her.


Now you can find your ideal like-minded partner thanks to the best lesbian apps! The efficiency and quality of each of the listed services will help you navigate and make the right choice. Whether it’s sex or romantic dates, it all depends on your preferences and wishes.


How to Fill Out My Profile on a Lesbian Service Correctly?

Fill in all required fields and add lots of personal and additional information. This way, you will attract the best sex partner. Describe in detail your unique personality and specify exactly what you expect from a panther.

Which Lesbian App is Completely Free?

Fem, Bounce, and Scissr are among free hookup applications. If you want to get access to an unlimited number of functions, you can optionally purchase a paid subscription with the prices indicated on the site.

Is Tinder a Gay-Oriented Service?

Tinder is the best one-stop service. You may communicate with both heterosexuals and gays.

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