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Getting Hookups And Awesome Spots For Getting Laid In Hawaii

This is an amazing hook-up island with a lot of promise when it comes to vibrant nightlife. Hawaii is huge, and you might find yourself wasting time on irrelevant places that don’t even have girls in the vicinity. It can get tough to get laid in Hawaii, but that does not mean that it is impossible. If you know where to go, you will be singing Aloha every night after multiple orgasms.

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Well, you will find amazing places in places like Waialae-Kahala, Hawaii Kai, Hale’iwaa, and others. There is also the University of Hawaii at Manoa or Hawaii Pacific University that is home to the sexiest young coeds who are always having fun. There are also the best dating sites in Hawaii and dating apps that will snag you that quick hookup in no time. Check out the best bars, nightclubs, and Hawaii hookup spots to make your stay amazing as you find sex in Hawaii.

Best Pickup Bars In Hawaii

There are amazing Hawaii pick up bars that will make it easy for you to snag a hookup. These bars are known for sexy Hawaiian babes who frequent them. Here are some Hawaii hookup bars to check out.

The Nocturna Lounge

This is a great place where groups of girls meet to enjoy the cocktails and do one-night stands. All you need to do is set foot in this place, check out the beautiful girls, and simply make eye contact with one that interests you. This bar is a modern twist on the cocktail lounge thanks to its gaming consoles, gigantic flat screens, and a very comfortable interior. The bar has these young flirty crowds that show up religiously for gaming experiences and singalongs.

The karaoke sessions draw crowds of sexy ladies with an interesting nerdy vibe. Most nights of the week are busy and packed, making it easy to connect with a fun girl if you are determined.

Honolulu BeerWorks

This is a great bar to get laid in. It is a place that offers good craft beer, which you can take on a relaxed patio that is designed as an environment for flirting. It is one of the best places where you can find Hawaii casual sex whenever you need it. With the great selection of local beers, you will have a lot of fun in this place. The girls are beautiful and always smiling, which will make it easy to strike up a conversation. You can’t walk out of Honolulu BeerWorks without a girl.

The Yard House

This is an amazing sex club in Hawaii that is perfect if you happen to be looking for traditional American bar food and a lot of American beer. This is a place known for its exceptional happy hour and wonderful service. It is always crowded, which makes it the perfect pickup spot for girls. You cant visit this bar and not get laid unless your social skills are wanting. This is a great place to start out for a night out. People throng in from the beach, and among them are the hottest looking beach babes to get your blood running fast. Nothing can stop you from getting it down with one of these hot chicks in Hawaii.

Bar 35

This bar is known throughout Hawaii as a great place to meet girls in Hawaii, watch the sunset and drink a couple of beers. There are over 200 beers to choose from and hundreds of girls to choose from too. As you check out the girls, you can get to enjoy the best Hawaiian flatbread pizza. Stop by and leave with a hot Hawaiian beauty and a lot of anticipation in your heart. You will probably get the best sex in Hawaii here.

Get Laid in Hawaii

The Best Hookup Clubs In Hawaii

The Hawaii sex club scene is amazing you will love the vibrant dance vibe in most clubs, the sexy ladies with a tan and dressed showing off skin in all the right places. You will know right away that you are in an island club scene. Here are some best sex clubs in Hawaii to hit when you get to this exotic Island.

The Addiction Club

This is a hip and hot dance club known for its suave and sensual environment. The cub has private seating options with amazing bottle service. There is apparently a dress code in this club where the girls can wear the sexiest attire they can find, showing off all their goodies, while the guys must wear button-up shirts and long pants. This club is known for sophisticated Hawaiian babes who will seem out-of-your-reach at first because they are maddeningly beautiful. However, once you begin interacting and after a couple of drinks, you will find these babes approachable and fun. You must be willing to spend some good cash here if you want the ladies to pay you any attention. So come with some good cash to spend.

Rumfire Waikiki

This is a club for late-night dancing and the sweetest tropical drinks. This club is full of hot Hawaiian girls that will have you salivating. It is located in a place where you get to enjoy the sunset over drinks as you watch the evening turn into night. The cushy red couches where you can cuddle over drinks with a girl make this place even more special. You can gyrate on the dance floor and show off your dance move. If there is anything that will endear you to a Hawaiian girl, it will be your dance moves. Make sure your dance moves are nothing short of amazing, and you will get to your bed warmed by a hot Hawaiian babe.

Jazz Minds

This is one of the coolest jazz clubs with great potential for getting laid in Hawaii. It is Hawaii’s only Jazz club and if you love jazz, then head to this place where you will be entertained by very talented jazz players. You can get your Hawaii hook up here because beautiful jazz-loving girls crowd this place. Enjoy a night of dancing and jazz and chat up a few girls, you will definitely get lucky if your talking skills are top-notch.

The District

This is a fine dance club and actually known as the dance haven and perfect for a one night stand Hawaii hookup. It is full of very sexy girls who are skimpily dressed. This is a great place to be entertained by the views of beautiful girls showing skin and also to get one to hook up with. The giant dance floor in this club makes it easy to mingle and dance with the girls. Fridays and Saturdays are the best to go to this club because the bodacious babes donned in their finest clubwear pack this place and shake their booties until dawn. There is no way you will leave the district without finding girls for sex in Hawaii.

Best Places To Meet Sexy Hawaii Hotties At Daytime

If the club scene and nightlife are not your things, you don’t have to force it because there are dating spots in Hawaii to help you out. Hawaii has other options that allow you to meet girls as you enjoy the Hawaiian sun. Here are some useful suggestions of places to meet horny women in Hawaii.

Island Brew Coffee House

This is the ideal place for Hawaii hook ups during the daytime. This hookup spot proves that you don’t need to wait until nighttime to pick up girls. This is an ideal daytime spot located at Hawaii Kai. It is a waterfront coffee shop that is the perfect hangout and a lovely place to spend without denting your wallet. You will get to see groups of fine-looking girls milling around this coffee place. You can easily strike up a conversation with a girl, and it would look so normal because the environment is relaxed. It is a great place for hooking up with a hot beach girl who stepped into the coffee shop for the delicious brew.

24 Hour fitness Gym

This is an amazing place to meet a Hawaiian girl and at the same time, get fit. You can stay in shape, clear your head and check out those Hawaii hot girls with amazing bodies also staying in shape. This gym is a lovely place to meet girls, and you can find it on Kapiolani Blvd. The gym is always a hive of activity thanks to the sexy girls always flocking to it to work on their bodies. If you love fit-looking babes, then you will love this gym.

This is one of the best Hawaii date spots where Hawaii University students love to hang out and clear their heads from all that studying. This is a great place if you want to meet the college babes. The sexy coeds are wild, fun, and uninhibited. You will always see them flocking to this coffee place which serves amazing coffee, by the way, and has a great environment for interacting. If you do all the right things, you will no doubt be walking home with one of those breath-taking beautiful and sexy coeds.

Waikīkī Hoʻolauleʻa Festival

This is a celebration that celebrates everything that is beautiful. It is a must-attend event because it is not only a celebration of music, Hawaiian culture, food, and ways of partying. Crowds come to this festival, including most of the sexiest Hawaiian girls. During this festival which happens yearly, the Kalākaua Avenue is usually a haven of sexy girls who have come to the festival. You will be breathless and spoilt for choice on the gorgeous girls you will see everywhere you turn your eyes. There will be nothing stopping you from complementing one of the girls on their beauty and taking it all the way home from there once they smile at you in appreciation.

Hawaii Hookups

Best Online Apps And Sites For Hookups In Hawaii

Well, if you would rather just directly reach out to a girl for a hookup and have no time to put in all that work of hitting clubs, festivals, or daytime hookup spots, then you have the option of getting yourself cheap sex in Hawaii through various Hawaii dating websites. Here are some dating sites Hawaii people like signing up with.


This is one of the hook sites Hawaii people love. It is a platform that only displays the hottest girls for Hawaii casual dating. To get these girls, make sure you are a hot dude too and have your hottest photos uploaded along with a clear indication that you are interested in a hookup. There is no question about Tinder being a platform for people matching up based on how hot and sexy they look. However, once you are hot-looking with the most seductive photo, you will generate a lot of interest and might even get laid by a different girl every night or at different hours of the day if you prefer. With millions of active users, there is no way you will fail to hook up in Hawaii through Tinder.

Adult Friend Finder

AFF is one of the free hookup sites Hawaii people flock to. This is the most friendly and easy app that allows you to get hook ups in Hawaii. It is actually the best hookup platform in Hawaii, and you don’t have to be hot to be successful here. All you need to do is sign up and indicate your need for a quick fling, and immediately, you will begin receiving numerous responses to your request from within Hawaii. With over 60 million active users, this means you will have so many options that you can shake a stick at. You can’t miss a hookup after signing up with AFF.

Best Hotels To Get Laid In Hawaii

There are various cool hotels in Hawaii that you should check into so you can have a great place to get laid in. Choose one of the best places to get laid in Hawaii for a great experience. Here are some cool hotels you should consider when looking for where to get laid in Hawaii.

  • Montage Kapalua Bay
  • Four Seasons Resort Lanai
  • Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea
  • Halekulani
  • The Kahala Hotel & Resort
  • Hotel Wailea
  • Mauna Kea Beach HotelKo’aa Kea Hotel & Resort at Poipu Beach and many more.

Best Tips To Get Laid In Hawaii

If you are going to get laid in Hawaii, then your game must be on point. Here are a few tips.

  • Hawaii is an expensive and popular place loved by tourists all over the world. This requires you to have enough cash to spend in order to visit these places where the lonely women Hawaii groups flock to. You must have enough cash to buy a Hawaiian beauty a drink, or else no girl will even want to sit with you.
  • Be a great conversationalist and fun to hang around with, your communication skills must be amazing. Hawaiian girls love the smart and funny dudes, and if you can make girls laugh, you have a hookup in Hawaii right there.
  • Make sure you go to all the right places to find girls. If you only go where fishermen hang out, for example, this will reduce your chances of snagging a Hawaiian hottie. Go to the places highlighted above and be on your creative and naughtiest behavior to impress a couple of girls. You will get laid in no time.


Hawaii is a great place to meet those sexy Hawaiian hotties with sexy beach bodies to die for. Whether you are hitting the bars, clubs, or the daytime Hawaii hookup spots, make sure you have only one purpose in mind, and everything you do must be geared towards that purpose. If you are going the online way, sign up with the right sites and do all things right to find the right hookup. This is a place with great potential for the best hookups. With all the island girls so naturally beautiful, you will always be craving for more hookups every time you engage one.


Is Hawaii A Safe Place For Hooking Up?

Yes, Hawaii is a safe place to meet girls, have fun and hook up with them. However, like with all places you go to, you must observe your own safety by taking precautions. For example, you can’t trust strangers too much with your personal information by revealing too much on the first encounter. Safety will begin with you.

What Are The Girls in Hawaii Like?

Hawaiian girls are very beautiful with amazing beach bodies, which they don’t bother to dress much. You will see most of them wearing casual attire that shows skin in all the right places. They are great dancers because dancing is a great part of their tradition. They are fun-loving and have that easy vibe that will make you want to hook up with them the moment you lay eyes on them.

How Long Will It Take Me To Get Laid In Hawaii?

It will not take you long to get laid in Hawaii if you play your cards right. You need to go to the right places, have an impressive personality, look physically attractive, and have the money to spend because this is a top tourist destination, and these island girls know that well.

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