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They say life begins at forty, which is so true when you think about the DateMyAge dating site. It is a dating establishment that assists those of the age of forty or over to meet the perfect partner. There are even some younger and sexy singles nowadays getting involved in the platform too. It can help those who are lonely and looking for sex or long-term relationships. The dating world has changed significantly over the last few years, with more and more middle-aged men and women turning to online dating. So whether you are 40 or 50, you have a fantastic chance to mingle with some hotties here.

This type of establishment is also great for those younger people who like older adults. So it caters to a mixed bag of individuals, all looking for hookups. Through DateMyAge review, you can discover all the facts about the website and what it can do for you. It is a credit-based platform where you buy credits to do as you wish on the site. If you enjoy dating on the move, there is a satisfying mobile application. Through the application, users can meet others wherever they desire, making contact more flexible than ever before. So how does DateMyAge work? Let’s find out.

How Does DateMyAge Work?

It caters to those interested in meeting people over the age of forty years of age. So any guys who has always wanted to have sex with a more experienced woman will love a website like this. If you are a man in your twenties, who always fancies your best friend’s mother, we suggest you register at DateMyAge dating website. On the platform, there are like-minded people searching for commitment and contact with others. This dating establishment caters to straight singles only; there is no gay or lesbian relationships built here. It has sexy girls and guys from across the planet, with over half a million members from the US.

What is excellent about the platform is that there are countless new members joining every month. In the last month, over 100,000 new members joined the DateMyAge site. Single adults will have the opportunity to show a live video and send messages to any other member on the site. In fact, sending messages can be done without any payment. One way members love to interact with each other is through video chat; participating in this feature requires credits. After the DateMyAge sign up, single adults can buy as many credits as they desire so that they can have lots of access and fun online.

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How To Create DateMyAge Account?

When it comes to starting an account, it really could not be easier. Users have the option of forming an account through Google, which would mean adding your email address, and all your details will automatically be added to your new DateMyAge account. It only takes a few minutes to complete an account on the site, which is fantastic news. Because it means more time searching for dates and connecting with others. Another positive is that anyone can register an account as it is free. Once you have begun and opened an account, the possibilities are endless. Users can answer some simple questions to start an account.

Main Features of DateMyAge

What separates dating websites from other sites is the features they have for their single adults. So when users visit DateMyAge website, they can rest assured there is plenty on offer in this regard. The features of a dating establishment assist in communicating with other users. It makes life so much easier and more convenient. The list below shows some fantastic features available when you enter the dating platform.

  • Gifts
  • Let’s Mingle
  • Live Support
  • Broadcasts
  • Advanced Search


Members have the ability to send virtual gifts to those users that they fancy. It is a brilliant why to break the ice with strangers and show your interest. Everyone wants to know the truth about DateMyAge, and that is when you have a feature like this, you can undoubtedly impress others.

DateMyAge features

Let’s Mingle

It is an excellent way to send multiple messages to others on the website. The website system will automatically send off numerous introduction messages to those you like. A DateMyAge subscription is needed for this feature.

Live Support

What better way to get all types of assistance if required than through a live chat option. Not all dating websites offer this type of feature, so when you see it, single adults tend to smile. If you have any issues on the hookup site, you have peace of mind, knowing help is just around the corner.


Fortunately, this is available for a standard DateMyAge member, too, which is great. It allows users to watch video streams that other users have made on their profile pages. It gives a good insight into hot singles desires and wants. So people can make an informed decision about a sex partner.

Advanced Search

Using various filters, single adults can quickly find the person they are searching for. A feature such as this helps everyone make faster connections, which is a great way to start a relationship online. The DateMyAge users will certainly enjoy such a feature.

With all these features, users can gain new contacts friendly and fast. All single adults need to do is use the DateMyAge log in and start the experience.

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What Is The Sign Up Process?

There is no problem when you sign up at the website, as it is straightforward and smooth. Users will see the form required on the first page when they enter the platform. Single adults need to identify their sex and enter who they are searching for through the establishment. Through the review of DateMyAge, it is clear that the registration process will only take a few minutes. Horny and single adults will add the age they are looking for in a partner and their age too. If users use their own google account, all the details will be added; if they choose to use another email account, all details will need to be added.

Once this is complete, single adults will need to add some introduction; this will explain each client, such as likes, hobbies, what they desire from a date, etc. It is worth remembering that the more details you add, the more traffic you should get on your profile page. Other single adults want to know as much about you as possible. Our review has shown that the most successful profiles are those with good information.

DateMyAge Dating: Pros and Cons

There are always good benefits when you sign up to some sites, and there are some issues. It is about getting a good amount of positives over the negatives. Numerous DateMyAge reviews show this list of great features to use when looking for a sex partner online:


  • Good features
  • Great for 40+ adults
  • Sending messages is free
  • Mobile app is available
  • Over 100,000 new members every month

So, people looking for hookups will enjoy these benefits.


  • Not suitable for those looking for casual hookups
  • Expensive for credits

These two cons are issues that we have discovered in our reviews.

Is DateMyAge Legit?

Yes, it is a dating establishment that caters to those searching for singles genuinely wanting to have a good time. If you enjoy the look and personality of women over the age of forty, it is a great place to hang out. The chat rooms can be the perfect place to start conversations with older ladies. People ask, what is We have to say it is where dreams can manifest into reality. There are members from various countries worldwide, all looking for love. It is worth your time to sign up and check out what the platform offers. It has helped create many satisfied couples over the last couple of years. So you should now know the answer is DateMyAge legit.

DateMyAge success stories

What is a DateMyAge Price?

Whenever you enter a dating platform for the first time, there is always a worry about the price. The cost of a site can be a real issue; it can push users away very fast. So let’s take a look at the table below to see the DateMyAge cost.

PackagePrice Per CoinTotal Price
50 credits0.32 USD15.99 USD
600 credits0.25 USD149.99 USD
1,500 credits0.20 USD299.99 USD

These are the prices for credits to use on the platform. There are DateMyAge free options for those sexy females and males that prefer not to buy credits. But for full access and better chances of finding a sex or casula relationship partner, buying credits is needed. When you purchase credits, they can use the features such as video calls and watching other members’ video profiles. There is also the advantage of using the Let’s Mingle feature and sending stickers to those you desire when you have credits.

Total DateMyAge Rating

It is a good idea to check out the ratings whenever you visit a dating establishment. It gives you a good idea of what you can expect from the site itself. You can then decide what is DateMyAge and whether it is worth spending time there. So the list below gives our breakdown of the ratings:

  • Quality Matches 9.7 – 10
  • Ease of Use 9.6 – 10
  • Features 9.7 – 10
  • Cost 9.5 – 10
  • Support 9.5 – 10
  • Overall Rate 9.5 – 10

The rating above is what has been considered because of different factors. Every client has their ideas of what makes a good dating site. It is recommended that you try out the website beforehand to see what you think. You need to answer the question, is DateMyAge good? If you believe it is, then buying credits is a wise idea. You can then get on with searching for singles top hookups.


Is DateMyAge Safe?

As with all dating establishments, every client must use common sense. There is a customer support team who helps adults looking for fun online who have any issues. But overall, as long as users do not give away sensitive data to strangers, everything will be fine. So is DateMyAge safe? The short answer is yes, as long as you are careful and do not trust everyone online.

What Is DateMyAge?

It is a dating website that gives the opportunity for those in their forties and above to meet other singles. There is no need to get depressed when you reach middle age when there is a platform like DateMyAge. When you enter a site such as this, dreams can become a reality. As you have the chance to chat with like-minded people who are all interested in meeting older people.

Are There Fake Profiles on DateMyAge?

Yes, unfortunately, whenever you visit a dating platform, there are some fake profiles that you will have to navigate. It is a good idea to be cautious and make sure you feel comfortable when chatting with others online. If you feel like there is any possibility of the person not being who they say they are, end the chat. The customer support team can be contacted to assist you too.

Is DateMyAge Free?

Users can use the site for free, as there are some ways to do this. You will not get the best out of the website when you use the free features, but it is possible. You can register an account for free; you can send a smile to another client. You are also able to add a photo to your profile page.

Is DateMyAge Real?

There are numerous single adults over the age of forty looking for romance with others. Through the DateMyAge app, it is possible to date on the move anywhere in the world. Life begins at forty is the phrase that everyone knows. It is true when you have a website like DateMyAge. You can meet others in the same position as you and are looking for some company as they get older.

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