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Whatever BlackCrush reviews you read, you will hardly see a negative spot. This dating website is full of sincere emotions, no matter whether it is about hookup or matrimony. Members are mostly registered with one objective. The desired result would look like a partner with whom you may have a sexual encounter with. Users do choose themselves what road to drive on. The service just plays the role of golden fish to implement the most hidden desire.



  • Racial equality
  • Exotic girls
  • Not expensive
  • Adult movies


  • Few functionalities for free
  • Possible deception At A Glance

  • Main audience: Afro-American
  • Age: 18+
  • Main aim: Sexual encounter

What Is BlackCrush?

Only 10 years on the market are not an indicator of green and not mature service. This platform has advanced in lots of factors. The most significant step forward was introducing Afro-Americans to the platform. Later on, it acquired a reputation with the motto “Meet beautiful black freaks”.  Nowadays, this dating service beats any records in popularity. It is a new country with laws and regulations.

How Does BlackCrush Work?

BlackCrush dating site reviews make everyone decipher what is really behind the scenes. The functionalities of the service play a great role in couple making.

The main services used by members:

  • Search
  • Messages
  • Quickie
  • XXX movies
  • Cams

The latter is a recently appeared function. puts great efforts into the development of the website. Cams page is designed for people who lack live imparting information. This is a great chance to share some of your thoughts with someone else.

The Quickie tab is a favorite page of the members. made it in an interactive way for users to be attracted. As a result, they combine useful with exciting. Here, the destiny is decided. The image of your potential partner will partially reflect your actions here.


XXX films can be a great variant to take a break. When users have everything in one place, they become happier not spending time swapping the tabs.

Sign Up / Registration

Is BlackCrush legit? It is an appropriate question to ask right before the signup. You have access to all the Terms and Conditions without being a registered user yet. The moment you get all the proofs, you can be ready to spend 4 minutes on registration. If you think there is a mistype in the previous sentence, you just underestimate

The main idea of the dating website to get a member to dating as soon as possible. There are many Afro-American babes waiting for you.

The registration will request from you an email address, username, and password. The next and the last step will be confirmed. There is already a message on your mailbox with the instructions for further actions.

Search & Profile Quality

A member who is really in an active search of a girl should without doubt resort to the searching page. Especially, with this dating website offering such a great and elaborated system, one can only blame himself for failing.  Here, the selection of primary filters that complement each other harmoniously is made with great meticulousness. Thus, you get various stages of how you may do it. This elaborated work is mainly reflected in the advanced search. Whatever fields you tick, you are offered to save all your predilections. Later on, you may use this one to search one more time.

The quality of profiles can compete with any other dating website. First of all, all the photos are uploaded at the same value as they are taken. Secondly, you are given some tooltips of what to write on your account. You are to be cognizant of what data can be displayed or not. In these ways, the dating service makes it in a way of a questionnaire.


Is BlackCrush safe? It is a customary query that strikes one who is willing to get an insight into the dating website. We cannot exclude the possibility of fraud, cause people are very much likely to throw dust in one’s eyes in order to extract some important information. With that threat existing, the dating platform warns everyone to keep secret all the valuable data.

Still, there is something that is in the site’s hands. The leak of the information indicated while registration or payment is the responsibility of the platform. As a result, they use the encrypted system to make it unavailable to be leaked.

Help & Support

Every review of BlackCrush must praise the Customer service of the website. The platform is supported by a separate page of Trusted Assist. In case you have any technical or support issues, you may click on Service at the bottom of the Home Page. You will be instantly redirected to the Contact Center.

There are three possible methods of you reaching out for help. A big plus is accessibility around the clock without day-offs. No matter what time zone you live in, you may call whenever it is comfortable for you.

The calls are free for everyone. Still, if something hinders users from phoning, they may easily mail them or write at live chat.

Prices & Plans

Is BlackCrush good? It is even great enough to subscribe to the plan. Afro-American people are very kind and communicative. You will feel a lack of messaging with the Free Membership.

You may get an infinite message which can be sent from your account. In addition to this, one receives match suggestions and is ranked as the top user. All of this is possible for almost 30 dollars per month if subscribing only for 30 days. The best deal is with the 6-month plan. Then, you pay 69,90 dollars in total.

BlackCrush dating


When one learns the truth about BlackCrush, he is ready to rush into this world. The precious thing one may get is love or a sexual encounter with a great person.


What Singles Do I Meet Here?

The name of the BlackCrush dating site speaks for itself. The slogan even says: “View sexy black singles, always bad and always beautiful”. If you want to hook up a naughty black lady, you are welcome.

What If I Do Not Have A Mailbox?

Each user must confirm their profile via email. There can be no exclusions at all. If you do not have any mailbox at the moment of signing up, you will not be allowed to register at all.

How Can I Pay For Membership?

Unfortunately, the dating website is still in the process of adding more payment methods. As of now, enables paying only with Visa or MasterCard. It is possible to create a temporary card. All the details are on the FAQ page.

Can I Report Abuse?

The dating platform is trying to tackle any manifestation of abuse. As they cannot track everyone, a user suffered from it is to report about this. First of all, he or she must contact the helping center. Besides, there is an option while visiting a profile to report it.

How Can I Watch Adult Movies?

BlackCrush has created this option to entertain members and distract them from the process of dating which may sometimes make them bored. However, the films are available only for those people who have subscribed to any Membership.

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