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In A Nutshell reviews stand the point that this dating website is tolerant and welcoming to all people. Chubby girls are happy to feel like fish in the water. All the members are on the same wavelength concerning everything. This dating service connects hearts.



  • Welcomes all people regardless of race, weight, religion, etc.
  • Adult movies
  • Matches suggestions
  • Cheap


  • Sexual content
  • Lie At A Glance

  • Main target: big girls
  • Country: any
  • Members online a day: 2 000


What Is BBWDesire?

What can a man do in 20 years? What can an online dating website manage to implement in this period? BBWDesire dating site reviews may state that a lot. The technologies do not stay at the same point. The dating platform keeps up with them as well.

The launch was a great breakthrough for the developers. Nonetheless, constant competition with other dating platforms did not let the creators have a rest. Nowadays, it has its primary purpose converted to help big ladies find their love.

How Does BBWDesire Work?

Is BBWDesire legit? All the options make you believe that it is. It has certifications and regulations. Moreover, the workings are in the way it may you get rid of all the doubts.

A great thing on the website is the home page. It is divided into several parts. You may see rookies on the website and online members separately. Top users are displayed in a special part of the page. If you want to see more of your type, just go to the Quickie page. The dating platform has speeded up the process of finding a girl for one night or for the whole life. By simply estimating given examples, the service forms your requirements. All the next suggestions will comply with your wish.

The service has elaborated on each function step by step. All the nuances were born in mind to make the whole picture look great. The developers suppose that people happen to get tired of dating themselves. As a result, the entertainment in the image of adult movies was carried out.

Sign Up / Registration

The review of BBWDesire must agree that the registration process does not cause any problem. You cannot even find simpler actions than here to get to the website.  Members need to have an email address and make up a complicated password for the account to be resistant to any break.

Search & Profile Quality

BBWDesire dating site is very careful with details. Everything that can somehow contribute to the user’s quicker success in lovemaking is important. A searching system is one of the main links in this chain. This dating website has a rich filter to make the results as accurate as they may be.

If a person is worried only about distance, there is a separate page with just the location filter. If one feels like narrowing down the list to girls with some concrete parameters, they may use the advanced search. The dating system will impress you.

Still, if you have not uploaded any photo, there is no need to look for a babe now. A user is to make his profile impressive and eye-catching. The dating website has created all the conditions for that. There is an equal number of members who boast off their genitals and who prefer to keep it secret. You may choose your way of presenting yourself.

Apart from the photo, it is important to write a few words about yourself. The dating service gives you some hints on how to do this and what is missing in your profile.


Is BBWDesire safe? This is the first question that crosses one’s mind. All the dating websites are always associated with something either immoral or insecure. This one may become a surprise for you.

You get the protection guaranteed by the service itself. All your data is safe as well. The only thing is in people. Even with an everyday check, it is impossible to clean up all the possible threats. Thus, the reporting abuse function has appeared. The dating site counts on customers to help to get rid of fraud.

Help & Support

Is BBWDesire good? One wrong step can always spoil one’s whole impression. As a result, you may find any feedback. Still, this dating website works on reputation and always makes a step towards ideal.

Supporting the customers is a must for every self-deserving service. Each of them must have a FAQ. This dating website is not an exclusion. Moreover, one may leave an online form to address the contact center directly. If that does not work, you can also do it via email. All of these varieties of contact make it irrefutable for your reply to come to you.

BBWDesire dating site

Prices & Plans

At the outset, BBWDesire log in is free. You are not supposed to pay. Still, if you try this free plan, you come to realize that you will not proceed further than just browsing. The paid subscription will give you endless chatting which is a key to success. No one will wait for your response for a while. Moreover, Premium members can use the advanced search and matching systems.

As a result, one cannot do without any subscription. The most price-worthy is a 6-month plan. A bit more than 11 dollars will go for 1 month. There is also a trial for three days. It does not offer all the range of functions, but help to get the general gist of the website.


The truth about BBWDesire is simple. It is a dating website where you can hook up a plump girl. Obesity is power. Love has no limits. That is what you will understand from a few hours of browsing the dating website.


Who Can Sign Up On

Primarily, it is dedicated to stout people. If you are one of them or a great fan of chubby partners, you can register here. You are not allowed to enter the website if you are under 18.

What If I Feel Insecure?

BBWDesire is extremely worried about their customers being satisfied with everything and feeling safe. With all the precautions made, it is not always possible to guarantee safety to everyone. In case you feel some threat from anyone, contact the center immediately. Report the dubious member using a special button on any profile.

What Do I Get For Free? offers only a few options without charge. You may chat with paid members and browse a limited number of accounts. To get access to search, matching, or movie pages, you are to become a Premium number.

Can I Change My Username?

Yes, it is possible. To change anything you want in your profile, you are to go to the settings. Clicking on “edit profile”, you will see all the data of your account. If you want to alter your username, click on it and update it. Do not forget to click on “save”. Without this final action, no updates will be done.

What If I Forgot My Password?

It is not a problem if one cannot enter the profile because they forgot any of the credentials. Any user can recover it with the help of an email. The letter is sent to the indicated address. There you will find your login attached and the link to create a new password.

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