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Modern beauty standards have their parameters. Many women and men prefer slender partners who play sports and have excellent physiques. They can be understood, but some women have a special physique from birth. From childhood, you were larger than the rest and felt insecure. It’s good that your parents and true friends were supportive.

Unfortunately, you have not yet found the perfect relationship partner with whom you can feel comfortable and confident. But this is not a problem today because, in the modern world, many men prefer big women. Moreover, many different dating sites offer their services to large single people. And some companies work as efficiently as possible.

This review will tell you about the important features of one popular service. After reading it, you can answer the question: “is BBWCupid good” and make the right decision. The company is one of the branches of the large corporation CupidMedia. The service has been operating for more than ten years and helps single people meet a partner for communication, flirting, and serious relationships. On the Internet, we found dozens of reviews where real customers talk about how they managed to find a spouse on the site.

The respect of users has been earned thanks to high-quality work, the availability of all necessary licenses, and concern for user convenience. In our review, we talk about all the features of this dating site. So your path to happiness will be as comfortable and efficient as possible.

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How Does BBWCupid Work?

On the Internet, on forums, and on specialized sites, there are a large number of BBWCupid reviews from real users. Here we found a large number of happy stories and evidence of the effectiveness of the service. This success was made possible thanks to the use of modern technologies. For a new user, all the necessary tools are available immediately after registration.

For example, a new client can fill out a special questionnaire and tell about himself. This information will be useful for partner selection. The program will show potential matches, and you can view the profiles of other members for free. The more information you provide about yourself, the more accurate the matchmaking will be.

What’s more, BBWCupid users have access to an advanced search algorithm. The program has many filters, so you can specify those parameters that are important (height, hair and eye color, age, city of residence, etc.). Also, the search considers additional factors: the presence of bad habits and children, the zodiac sign. Now it remains only to view the personal data of the user you like and start communication.

The company offers messaging and group chat participation. The nice thing is that you can chat with multiple users simultaneously. This is a good opportunity to learn more about a potential partner, his outlook on life, etc. And when you’re ready, invite another member on a date.

How to Create BBWCupid 

Now you know how does BBWCupid work, so we’ll tell you how to be the most efficient. After all, this is not just a hookup site but a service that helps you find a partner for a serious relationship and communication. One of the important tools in this direction is the creation of an account. We recommend that you approach this issue responsibly and do everything right (after all, this option is free). Add the best photos to your profile that show your character and appearance. Tell us about your interests, life values ​​and how you see the ideal relationship. Completed profiles attract more attention and have improved search rankings. This way, other members can learn more about you and be the first to start chatting.

Also, we will note other features of the BBWCupid dating website. Here we found quite a few fake profiles. Most users are registered and communicate on the site. Moreover, they are active and appear here almost every day. So your experience with the dating site will be as positive as possible.

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Main Features of BBWCupid

The BBWCupid member has access to many important tools that make his path to a harmonious relationship easy and efficient. In the review, we have already talked about important features: filling out a profile and setting up search filters. But there are other features as well. For example, messaging.

One of the important advantages of the site is the ability to respond to messages from other users for free. You do not have to replenish the deposit if the other member wrote to you first. Moreover, the service allows you to share photos, making communication as pleasant as possible.

What Is the Sign-Up Process?

User convenience is one of the company’s top priorities. The official site has a nice design that does not tire the eyes. Moreover, thanks to high-quality functionality and usability, even an inexperienced user can quickly complete the BBWCupid sign up procedure, set up search filters and start chatting with other participants. In this section of the review, we give you detailed instructions.

  1. Go to the official website of the company and click the registration button at the top of the page.
  2. Enter all personal data (age, gender, city of residence, email, password and login).
  3. Agree with the company’s rules. We recommend that you read all the documents to learn more about the principles of the service and the user’s capabilities.
  4. Check your email. Open the email and follow the welcome link to complete the registration process.

You have now created a BBWCupid account and have access to the site’s functionality.

BBWCupid Dating: Pros and Cons

In order to understand what is, it is necessary to analyze all the advantages and features of the service. Each company offers unique conditions, so the user must pay attention to all the details and make the right decision. In this section, we have collected all the necessary information.


  • This is a convenient and safe company that provides a high level of protection against fraudsters;
  • The official site has a nice design and high-quality functionality;
  • Professional security service is ready to help at any moment;
  • Good reputation (many positive reviews are proof;
  • The presence of a convenient and well-optimized application for Android devices;
  • Ability to reply to messages for free;
  • A large number of active users ready for dialogue;
  • Option to translate messages;
  • Adequate cost of a monthly subscription.


  • No BBWCupid app for iOS mobile devices;
  • The ability to send messages is paid;
  • Non-ideal gender proportion.
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Is BBWCupid Legit?

In this section of the review, we answer the question, “is BBWCupid safe and legit”. Yes, this is an official company that tries to create the most comfortable conditions for its users. Obtaining licenses and all necessary documents were one of the firm’s priorities. Today the service is officially registered at PO Box 9304, Gold Coast MC, QLD 9726, Australia. This means that the company operates in accordance with local laws, and all the interests of customers are reliably protected.

Also, the BBWCupid website has a 24/7 professional support team. Employees of the company are ready to help at any moment. The client can call (+61 75571 1181) and get a quick answer to an important question. Moreover, he can send an email to ([email protected]). This method allows you to attach documents and scans for additional analysis. Employees of the company will study the issue and provide qualified assistance. Also, the client can read tips and answers to common questions in a special section on the page. Thanks to this, the experience of interacting with the company is pleasant and positive.

What Is a BBWCupid Price?

BBWCupid cost is an important parameter because you need to understand what expenses are ahead of you. A premium account will give the user new features. For example, he will be able to send messages to any other participant, start a live chat, and get access to a message translator. Also, VIP profiles have improved search rankings. The company offers several BBWCupid subscription options.

Gold Membership

  • 1 week – $16.73;
  • 1 month – $33.49;
  • 3 months – $64.98;
  • 1 year – $129.99.

Platinum Membership

  • 1 week – $19.98;
  • 1 month – $40.99;
  • 3 months – $79.98;
  • 1 year – $159.99.

Diamond Membership

  • 1 week – $41.00;
  • 1 month – $81.98;
  • 3 months – $159.97;
  • 1 year – $319.98.

The company cooperates with reliable payment systems, so you can use Visa, Maestro, and MasterCard credit cards or e-wallets for deposits. There is also an option to automatically renew your subscription.

BBWCupid app

Total BBWCupid Rating

Now you have read the review and know what is BBWCupid. It’s time to draw conclusions. This is a quality service that allows big women and men to find a partner. The site has a nice design and high-quality functionality, so the first impression will be positive. Also, the company ensures the safety of customers, and professional support service is ready to help. And most importantly, the site allows you to respond to messages from other users for free. A premium account gives you access to additional features.

Also, it is worth mentioning the shortcomings of the company. For example, iOS phone owners are unable to use the mobile app. Also, the automatic subscription does not disappear even after deleting the account. But this dating site has more advantages. This is a good place where you can find the perfect partner for a harmonious relationship. The final review of BBWCupid rating is 8.8/10.


Is BBWCupid Safe?

In the review, we have already answered the question, "is BBWCupid legit and safe". Yes, the company cares about the safety of customers and uses the most modern technologies. For example, the SSL protocol is based on a 256-bit dynamic cipher. This cipher encodes all of the user's personal data (credit card information, profile passwords, etc.). This code is almost impossible to crack, so all important information remains safe. And you can chat privately and anonymously on the site without any problems. Moreover, the site has a professional support service, ready to help at any moment.

What is BBWCupid?

BBWCupid dating site is a convenient service where big people can chat with like-minded people and find a partner for flirting, having fun, sex, and serious relationships. This site belongs to a large corporation with an excellent reputation and vast experience. Today, more than 150 thousand users are registered here, so the chance of finding a like-minded person is quite high. It remains to go through the registration procedure, perform BBWCupid log in and take your first step towards happiness.

Are There Fake Profiles on BBWCupid?

In the review, we tell the truth about BBWCupid. Yes, we analyzed the site and found several fake profiles. But this is not a big problem. Because this percentage is very small, moreover, you can eliminate risks by communicating only with verified users. In this case, you can be sure that you will meet the right person on a date. Also, fake profiles don't last long. Because the security service quickly detects this violation of company rules and blocks such accounts.

Is BBWCupid Free?

Thanks to this site, you can find love without using a credit card. After all, there is a wide range of BBWCupid free features. For example, a user can like, view profiles of other members, analyze statistics, set up search filters, and analyze matches. What's more, replying to messages from other members is also a free option.

Is BBWCupid Real?

Yes, the BBWCupid site is your real chance to find a partner for communication, flirting, sex and serious relationships. This is a serious company officially registered in Australia and really helping single people find happiness. On the Internet, we met a large number of positive reviews from real customers. So all you have to do is register, fill out a profile and set up search filters. Now the program will select the best matches for you, and you can start chatting with the user you like. Good luck!

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